What is Online Schooling? – Your 2023 Complete Guide

What is Online Schooling - Your 2023 Complete Guide

Online schooling is one of the results of the technological revolution that occurred in the twentieth century. This revolution has powerfully affected all fields and industries such as agriculture and education.

In the past, it was primarily that students learned at school. It’s still the same method that countries apply in learning, whether in first-world countries or third-world countries.

This traditional way relied on the direct interaction between teachers and students and commitment to the place and time, as students should learn through the schools at a specific time.

However, with technological progress, the educational system has witnessed many changes that are different from the traditional method.

These changes broke the barriers of place and time of education. It’s the most prominent property of online schooling. So, let’s shed light on the meaning of this updated system.

What is Online Schooling?

Online schooling is a virtual educational system that depends on using the internet basically in learning. This system qualifies students to access the curriculum through online platforms.

Online learning is similar to traditional education, as the students learn from the teachers, who are highly qualified to teach the students online.

When did Online School Start?

The concept of online schooling appeared in the 1840s, after the development of the postal service and the establishment of commercial correspondence colleges.

The Year 1858 witnessed the first execution of the online school concept, as the university of London launched distance learning degrees. In 1953, the university of Houston launched the first televised classes.

In 1989, the university of Phoenix was the first university that launched an online college program. In 1995, Arnold Pizer and Michael Gage succeeded in developing a system called “WeBWork” for sending homework problems on the website.

The year 1996 witnessed the foundation of Jones International University, which was the first accredited website. In 2008, one of the schools used virtual learning for para-medic students in London.

How does Online Schooling Work?

Online school is based on distance learning. It requires a diagnostic test first to measure each student’s level. Students can start their educational journey by creating accounts on the online platform after passing the test.

Once students register, they will get a timetable that includes class times. 

Students join live classrooms with teachers. After finishing each class, they will get homework and assignments that they should do the same as the traditional schools, as teachers can check out their progress and identify to what extent they comprehended their explanations.

Additionally, Online schooling contains engaging activities that allow students to interact with other classmates. Also, during the learning process, students will get textbooks from their teachers. 

At Sahlah academy, there are online school programs that fit all the educational stages, starting from the online Kindergarten stage to the online high school stage.

Components of Online Schooling

Online Schooling
  • Learning Management System (LMS): It’s the online platform of education that includes learning resources such as presentations and videos, in addition to assessments and timetables.
  • Live classes: Teachers hold these classes with students at specific times, according to the timetable. 
  • Conference application software: It contains interactive activities between students as discussions and sessions.
  • Learning resources: They are fundamental for the learning process for students.
  • School Management System (SMS): It’s a software system only for the teaching staff, management members, and parents.
  • Online assignments and assessments: These are the tasks that teachers give to students that help them to enhance their understanding of classes and educational resources.
  • Mobile application: It maintains communications between teachers and students and helps the students access homework, chat, and timetable.
  •  Additional resources: They support the learning process. 

How much does Online High School Cost?

One of the common questions that parents and students ask about online schools is what the cost of it is. But there are no fixed prices, as they differentiate from one online academy to another.

The cost of high schools ranges from $1000 or less to $20000. The fees contain expenses for programs, materials, and a diploma. Also, the cost covers further expenses.

As for the high school diploma, its cost ranges from $1,500 to $5000.

But we have special offers at Sahlah academies, contact Sahlah and learn more.

How can I get my High School Transcript Online?

You can get your high school transcript by sending a request for a copy that can be official or unofficial. This step is for those who are already enrolled at the school.

In case you’re not enrolled at the school, you can get the transcript by following the next ways:

  • Visit the official website of the school to make sure that getting the transcript is available, through the students’ services page which provides a guide for obtaining the transcripts.
  • If the earlier way is unavailable, try to call the school head office’s number to contact the competent employee.

What are the Advantages of Online Schools?

Online schooling has widely spread in many countries and now it’s in direct competition with traditional schools in recent years due to many features that we will highlight in this article.

  1. Online schooling allows students to get high-quality curriculums that equal international schools’ curriculums.
  2. It provides students with a safe environment that saves them from the distributive things they face at traditional schools like bullying.
  3. It’s a personalized education that helps the students to be more focused during the live class. Also, they get a better understanding as they will have chances to discuss with teachers.
  4. Students get a chance to save money through the online school, unlike traditional schools that require paying fees for studying, materials, school bus for transportation, and uniform school. 
  5. Online school helps to boost students’ collaboration with their classmates through various interactive activities. Also, students are more likely to interact with teachers by writing their feedback on the explanation.
  6. Students can be highly qualified to work as they get golden opportunities that help them to develop their skills, as they will have free time to work over the online learning process.
  7. Online classes provide students with the flexibility of time, as the students will set the times that are suitable for them to ensure that they are at their best levels of concentration and comprehension.
  8. Distance learning breaks geographic barriers as the students won’t have to go to school to learn. This system gathers students from different countries and nationalities. It’s a better option for students who suffer from schools that are far from them.
  9. Online learning helps students to develop their technical skills, as over the learning process, they will be more familiar with using online platforms in many functions such as attending classes and doing homework.

Disadvantages of Online Schooling,

On the other hand, this system lacks some advantages and options that are mostly available in traditional education such as:

  • Students of online schools are more likely to be isolated as a result of face-to-face communication lack. They spend their time learning behind the screens without human interaction. You can overcome that by having group sessions, and social activities.
  • Virtual learning lacks credibility, as it’s easier for students to cheat on assessments. This disadvantage is out of control for non-credible online schools. As teachers aren’t able to monitor their students as in traditional learning. But when you have a suitable and strict supervision by your online school, you can overcome this problem.
  • Online schools lack accreditation, so you should search for an accredited online platform such as Sahlah School.
  • Instructors of online schools pay attention to the theoretical side and improve it rather than implementation, but this is not a problem with online schools.
  • The chances of communication skills improving are fewer due to the lack of face-to-face interaction.
  • Students of online schools lack self-motivation during the learning process due to the lack of communication. 

Why is Sahlah Online School better?

With the spread of online school platforms, it becomes hard for parents and students to choose the best of them. But Sahlah online school is highly recommended for the following reasons:

  • Sahlah is one of the accredited online schools. It’s an American school that aims for excellent online education.
  • It provides creative methodologies of learning for students throughout the learning process.
  • Students get Gamification activities that add fun to the learning process.
  • Many collaborative exercises enhance communication among students.
  • It’s a platform with an updated curriculum that helps students to improve their skills and abilities.
  • Many online programs help kids to gain primary skills such as conflict resolution and effective communication.
  • Education online programs suit all ages.
  • Individual programs for K12 online school, they divided into Islamic studies K-12 and Arabic K-12.

Sahlah has many programs:

 1. Online Schooling

2. Online Homeschooling:

Learn More About Sahlah from here.

What is the difference between online schooling and homeschooling?

Online schooling is based on learning through an online platform that teachers use to hold live sessions with students. 

On the other hand, homeschooling is a system where the parents take the role of teachers as they educate their kids through an effective plan. It’s an alternative option to traditional education to develop their cognitive skills.

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