Top Rated 21 Homeschool Curricula with Pros and Cans according to the needs

Best Homeschool Curriculum تحديات التعليم المنزلي - أهم 15 تحدي في التعليم المنزلي يواجه الآباء والأطفال مع أفضل الحلول

Picking a homeschool curriculum is one of the most challenging steps in homeschooling your kid. Your goal is to get a high-quality curriculum that qualifies your child for the next grade by developing academic performance and must-have skills.

Once you plan to homeschool your kid, you will find a bunch of homeschooling curriculums that make you hesitant to choose the best for your child. So you can save time in searching and checking out our recommended list of the top curriculums.

Top-Rated Homeschool Curricula

Here are the top rated Homeschool Curriculum with advantages and disadvantages:

1. Sahlah Academy Homeschool Curriculum

Sahlah Academy offers one of the best-accredited curriculums for homeschoolers. From elementary to high school stage.

The curriculum includes basic subjects such as mathematics, languages, science, and electives. It’s accredited by Cognia.

The advantages of curriculum:

  • It Offers specialized courses like Islamic studies and Arabic programs.
  • Homeschoolers interact with teachers in a motivating environment.
  • Learning with professional instructors who support homeschoolers and always help them.
  • Improving linguistic skills through Arabic courses.

2. Time 4 Learning:

You’ll get the basic subjects through Time 4Learning, which are: mathematics, social studies, languages, science, and language Arts.

This curriculum has an affordable cost which is $19.95/month from the first grade to the 8th grade. But it’s up to $30 per month from 9 to 12 grade.

Moreover, the advantages of this curriculum are

3. Bridgeway:

Bridgeway’s curriculum contains five subjects: mathematics, social studies, language arts, and electives.

Its accreditations are the National Association of Private Schools, Cognia, and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

The curriculum’s fees vary from $700 to $900 annually for all grades. But the single course costs from $350 to $700.

The benefits of curriculum

  • Provides specialized programs such as students with special needs, military families, missionary families, and global homeschooling programs.
  • Includes four methods of learning: customized independent learning, teacher-led learning, grade-level printed learning, and self-paced learning.

4. Forest Trail Academy

Forest Trail Academy is accredited by Cognia. It offers seven basic subjects: mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, character education, writing, and handwriting.

This academy offers both homeschool and correspondence programs. Per year, homeschooling courses’ costs are from $1900 to $3200, from 5th to 12th grade.

The curriculum’s homeschool programs are divided into five main programs and courses:

  • Homeschool correspondence courses.
  • Online summer school.
  • Online diploma programs.
  • Advanced placement classes.
  • Individual courses.

5. K12 Online School

K12 allows you to choose to join teacher-led learning or independent classes. It offers eight subjects: mathematics, music, language arts, art, history, science, electives, and world languages.

Annually, the costs of courses range from $260 to $450. The tuition can be increased to $900+ if you want teacher-led classes.

The advantages of curriculum

  • One of the best-accredited curriculums from Cognia.
  • Offers curriculum for each stage from preschool to high school.
  • Curriculum with engaging programs and personalized learning.
  • Homeschoolers can learn with the best-certified teachers.
  • Supports kids with a homeschooling community.

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Online Homeschool Curricula for Kindergarten

If you need to save time in searching for the best curriculum for only preschool, here are our recommended homeschool curriculum:

6. K12 Online School kindergarten curriculum

Through K12, you can get a stride preschool curriculum that covers four subjects: language arts, math, science, and history.

Benefits and advantages of K12 kindergarten curriculum:

  • Online classes are provided with the latest technology.
  • Engaging lessons and activities.
  • Option for choosing online or private activities.
  • Parents can get help and support from professional teachers through the “Class Connects” option.

7. ABC mouse kindergarten curriculum

ABC mouse is the best choice if you’re looking forward to an award-winning online kindergarten. This curriculum provider has won several awards such as the teachers’ choice award and the parents’ choice gold award.

The curriculum is divided into math, social studies, science, art, and music.

The advantages of the ABC mouse kindergarten curriculum:

  • Kids learn colors, shapes, geometric shapes’ characteristics, musical instruments’ names, and basic words.
  • Parents can access the curriculum from iOS, Android, MAC, and PC devices.
  • The curriculum includes puzzles, books, and games, besides interactive activities.
  • Children can learn through effective and fun methods like kids’ songs.

8. Power homeschool kindergarten curriculum

Power homeschool service offers online courses in several subjects: language arts and reading, science, mathematics, and social studies.

The advantages of curriculum

  • Kids learn with professional teachers in engaging classes.
  • Various courses which parents can choose the suitable for their kids.
  • Providing engaging activities and desirous lessons.
Virtual Homeschooling

Online Homeschool Curricula First Grade 

Here is the best Homeschool Curriculum for the First Grade:

9. Connections Academy Homeschool Curriculum First Grade

Connections Academy offers core subjects which contain: math, writing, reading, art, and social studies. It’s the best option for the homeschooling community.

The advantages of Curriculum

  • Learning with highly-qualified teachers who are always ready to assist homeschoolers.
  • The learning process and activities give the children the chance to learn to take responsibility.
  • First grades can deepen their understanding of the materials.
  • Kids will master using technological tools that enable them to access online classes, send assignments, and engage with teachers.

10. Time 4Learning’s Homeschool Curriculum First Grade 

Time4Learning is the best choice for a structured curriculum. It involves three core subjects: mathematics, science, and language arts.

Benefits of curriculum

  • Learning to improve reading and grammar skills.
  • Practicing scientific observations through writing.
  • Improving math skills through knowing patterns and shapes, adding, and subtracting.
  • Recognizing spelling rules and writing skills.
  • Identifying physical science, life science, and Earth science.
  • First grades can access more than 3000 interesting lessons and activities.
  • Learning in engaging and fun lessons.

Online Homeschool Curricula for 7th Grade

Here is the best Homeschool Curriculum for 7th Grade:

11. Power homeschool services 

Power homeschool offers an online homeschool curriculum that elevates kids’ skills, qualifies them for effective homeschooling learning, and equips them for high school.

The 7th-grade curriculum contains core subjects of mathematics, science, history, geography, and languages.

The advantages of the Power homeschool curriculum

  • Variety options of subjects and topics.
  • Interactive online classes.
  • Homeschoolers can choose their own pace for doing assignments.
  • Studying geographic information about the world and historical events.
  • Learning and practicing mathematical principles.
  • Identifying the most crucial scientific theories.
  • Improving linguistic skills.

12. Time4Learning 

The 7th-grade curriculum of Time4Learning helps homeschoolers achieve their goals through learning and practicing subjects of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.

The advantages of the Time 4Learning curriculum

  • Comprehending smoothly the geometric concepts.
  • Identifying various cultures in different countries.
  • Discovering the human body’s anatomy in detail.
  • Mastering reading skills.
  • Learning and implementing math.

Free Homeschool Curriculum 

13. Discovery K12 Homeschool Curriculum

Discovery K12 provides a 180-day curriculum with classic e-books, quizzes, tests, spelling programs, and more than 16,000 lessons. 

It’s for preschool to the 12th grade and is one of the best budget-friendly options.

The curriculum covers mathematics, social studies, language arts, physical education, literature, and science.

14. All-in-one Homeschool Website

The in-one homeschool website offers a curriculum that fits student-led and Charlotte Mason methods for preschool to the 12th grade.

The curriculum covers arts and music, mathematics, social studies, sciences, languages, history, the Bible, phonics, testing and test prep, and language arts.

Homeschool Curriculum Non-religious 

15. Global Village School 

The curriculum is designated for different stages, from preschool to middle school. It contains language arts, science, history, mathematics, Arts, and social studies. Each grade costs $120.

The advantages of the global village curriculum 

  • Homeschoolers get help from teachers throughout the homeschooling year by obtaining instructions.
  • The curriculum is provided with a list of resources that benefit homeschoolers in learning.
  • Parents and older homeschoolers get assistance in creating a weekly schedule.
  • The curriculum qualifies homeschoolers to be international citizens.

16. Book Shark Homeschool Curriculum

Book Shark provides curriculums for different grades. Each curriculum’s period lasts for 36 weeks and includes four core subjects: language arts, science, history, and math.

This curriculum gives homeschoolers the choice to apply after learning in different activities. The kids weekly should attend four classes throughout the homeschooling year.

The fees cover all the subjects and their costs range from $700 to $750.

Muslim Homeschooling Curriculum

17. Sahlah academy

If you’re looking for a well-rounded Islamic homeschool curriculum, Sahlah academy offers Islamic studies K-12 for kids and adults.

Islamic curriculum covers studying Islamic jurisprudence, creed, sanctification, Hadith, Quran’s Tafsir (interpretation), and prophetic biography.

Homeschoolers will learn with the highly-qualified tutors who motivate them to be eager to learn through interesting methods and hands-on activities.

Learning Islamic teachings is smooth as tutors use visual illustrations that help homeschoolers to understand and retain the information.

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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Parents who plan to homeschool their kids are interested to know the feedback from other homeschooling families. So check out some reviews about some homeschooling curriculums:

18. Forest trail academy

Forest trail academy has different reviews. Some parents loved the curriculum as it’s well-organized, stress-free, and pretty affordable. 

The other positive reviews were centered around teachers who are flexible, knowledgeable, and friendly with homeschoolers.

On the other side, some parents and students complain of the inaccessible content and assignments links, lack of support, and sloppy customer service on chat. 

19. K12

The positive feedbacks of parents and students about the K12 curriculum were about supporting kids to learn better and faster, giving students the chance to learn at their own pace. 

Some students loved the curriculum as it’s easy to do hands-on experiments and cover pre-planned coursework.

However, the K12 curriculum doesn’t allow parents to teach their kids, so it’s not suitable for homeschooling parents who play the teacher role.

20. ABC mouse 

Some parents and students liked the curriculum’s content, the engaging lessons, fun activities, attractive graphics, and the customer service.

On the other hand, some people disliked billing prices. They can’t refund the cost if they cancel the payment, in addition to the lack of teaching.

21. Time4Learning

For some parents, the Time 4 learning curriculum is the best option for the preschool stage and one of the best easy-to-use curriculum. Its resources meet all the students’ needs and contain engaging lessons.

The negative feedbacks were about format changes, unprofessional service, low quality of content, and some biased topics. 

Can I make my own Homeschool Curriculum?

Parents can create a special curriculum to fits their children’s skills and abilities by following some tips that guarantee success in learning.

1. Make a list of topics 

The first step you should take is to pick the required topics from each subject that you need your kid to learn it. You don’t need to stick to all the units of the subjects. So choose the most crucial and beneficial lessons for your child according to the goals you’ve set.

2. Decide on sub-topics 

After you pick the topics for your own curriculum, start to create sub-topics that cover specific information you require your kid to focus on while learning.

3. Make a schedule

You need to create a customized and flexible schedule for your own curriculum, which helps you to be on the track throughout the homeschooling year and to know in the next times the topics your kid will learn.

4. Search for the best resources 

You can provide the curriculum with the top resources by searching from a local library, podcasts, YouTube, book publisher websites, homeschooling groups, game sites, and homeschool blogs.

5. Ask the experts 

You’ll need to communicate with homeschooling parents who are experienced in designing a high-quality curriculum to avoid the mistakes that influence negatively homeschool learning. 

🌟 Discover Sahlah Academy: Your Trusted And Certified Online Academy for Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Studies! 🌟

🎓 Accredited by Cognia and by al-Azhar: 

Accredited by Cognia and endorsed by al-Azhar, our curriculum guarantees top-notch education.

👩‍🏫 Expert Guidance: 

Our teachers, many with degrees from al-Azhar, provide unparalleled mentorship.

📚 Structured Learning: 

Enjoy clear roadmaps, progress reports, and flexible schedules for optimized learning.

🏫 Tailored Flexibility: 

Adapt our schedule to fit your child’s needs, with elective courses available.

📚 Comprehensive Curriculum: 

From Quranic recitation to Arabic language proficiency and in-depth Islamic studies, our curriculum covers a wide range of subjects tailored to enrich your child’s understanding of their faith.

Empower your child’s faith and knowledge journey today with Sahlah Academy! 📚🌙

Sahlah has many programs:

 1. Online Schooling

2. Online Homeschooling:

Learn More About Sahlah from here.

Sahlah Moblie CTA - Sahlah Academy Sahlah Desktop CTA - Sahlah Academy


Parents aspire to upgrade learning styles by setting a homeschooling curriculum, which should be high-quality and meets homeschool goals. 

They can find curriculum providers like Sahlah Academy, Forest trail academy, k12, and Time4learning to meet kids’ needs.

Parents can create a special curriculum for their kids by picking the top topics from each subject and making a schedule to organize lessons’ times, as well as provide the curriculum with high-quality resources.

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