Sponsor A Student and Save A life!

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Sponsor a Student & Save A life!

Millions of children across the globe abandon completing their education due to various reasons; the most common reason is their parents’ financial capabilities.

Sahlah decided to offer them a chance to continue their basic school education journey with us. We help them to get the good lives they should. Help us change the future of these kids and bring a smile to their face.

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Customized Learning Programs

Sahlah provides customized online learning programs to make it easy for children’s back into education and community programs.

We help vulnerable children to grow. We even provide smart devices in partnership with social service organizations so that the families don’t bear any additional costs to educate their child.

Why to Sponsor a Child?

There are many reasons behind sponsoring a child to change his future and give them a better chance to live a better life, and eliminate the continuity of this suffering:


40% of Future Mothers are Illiterate

2.4+ million of Syrian children are out of school. 40% of them are girls, with further increase in 2020 after Covid-19. Source: UNICEF.


13 Million of young Refugees

There are 13 million refugees who are under the age of eighteen, and about half of them are unable to attend school. Source: Unhcr


Save Millions of Lifes

There are 61 million children out of school at the primary level, with special care for them. Source: Education Above All.


Vulnerable Children

During the pandemic, about 39 million children and adolescents have not benefited from distance learning during the pandemic, primarily due to digital poverty.

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Educate and Employ

With your help, you guarantee that each vulnerable kid gets the best quality education with the skills needed for better opportunities in the global job market.


Empower and Elevate

Together we can empower young kids to be a part of the global community and be the change-makers. We invest in youths; that is the real investment for the future of humanity as a whole.


8 Years Of Experience In Dealing With Orphans And Refugee Children

The program is geared especially towards refugee kids who deserve a second shot at life. Our instructors are trained to be patient, compassionate and understanding of the plights of such children. We want to bring joy into their lives with the ever-burning flame of knowledge.

We envision the provision of an equitable and inclusive quality education system that promotes lifelong learning and skilling opportunities for children, women, and youth who are either internal or external refugees or orphans. Contact Sahlah For Sponsoring


We Are Trying To Help And Ask For Your Aid!

Turkish Minister of National Education Ziya Selcuk said, in 2021, that half a million students under temporary protection have not yet been able to go to school, despite their continued registration restrictions. We, on our own, strive to help with the education of as many vulnerable children as we can afford. But our effort was never enough with the required effort, and funds needed. Together we will make a change!


If You Can’t End It, Eliminate It As Much As Possible

We recognize that no matter how hard we work to aid these kids' education through our online institutions, we will never be able to help every kid we come across. But we can bring as many children as we can under our tent and change their lives for a better future. So we seek to share the task with people like you and organizations who share our mission. The effort spent was never enough to present real value that would change the lives of these children. We think that we can do more by eliminating the waste of money on things we rarely use and offering the very basic stuff to others to help their bright future. Together we are strong!

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