How To Perform Salah For Females? – Best To The Point Guide in 2024

How To Perform Salah For Females

The importance of Salah (Prayer) can’t be underestimated as one of the pillars of Islam. The steps for performing salah for females are very similar to those for males, but there are some differences in the way women should position themselves during Salah in Islam.

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How To Perform Salah For Females:

Here is a brief guide:

  1. Make an intention (Niyyah) for the specific prayer you want to perform.
  1. Before starting prayer, perform wudu (ablution).
  1. Cover your satr. Satr for a woman means covering everything in her body except her hands and face.
  1. Stand facing the Kaaba (Qibla).
  1. Keep your feet together, unlike men who should keep their feet 4 fingers away at least.
  1. Raise your hands to the height of your shoulders while keeping your fingers together. And say “Allahu Akbar” to start Salah.
  1. Focus your eyes on the place of Sujood (Prostration).
  1. Place the right hand over the left one on your chest while your thumb and fingers are together.
  1. Recite Surah Al-Fatihah followed by any other surah or verses from the Quran.
  1. Bow down by only bending over sufficiently, so the fingers can touch the knees. Unlike men, your back should not be straight. Keep the fingers together, and the elbows should touch the sides of your body, then say: “Subhana Rabbi Al Adheem.”
  1. Rise from a bowing position (Ruku), keep your arms straight near your side, and say: “Sami Allahu liman hamidah.”
  1. Prostrate yourself with your knees, palms, nose, and forehead finally. Keep all limbs close together touching the ground, then say: “Subhana Rabbiyal A’la”.
  1. Sit upright from Sujood and put your hands on the lower thigh. Your feet should be pointed to the right while resting on the floor. Then, repeat the Sujood once again.
  1. After the second Sajda, stand and perform another Rakat with the same steps.
  1. After the two Rakats, sit as illustrated previously and say At-Tashahud.
  1. End your Salah with At-Tasleem.

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