Quranic Stories for Kids: 5 Most Inspiring Stories

Quranic Stories for Kids

Quranic Stories for Kids are the dreams our kids willingly experience in their waking, the words that shape the worlds of their imagination, the gates that introduce them to massive worlds beyond their small world, and the keys towards full lives of reading.

Bedtime stories are words woven with emotions, filled with hidden lessons, and met with our children’s surprised gasps, and eagerly curious questions.

While food is the nutrition of their bodies, our love for them is the nutrition of their hearts, and Islam is the nutrition of their souls from the moment of their birth.

The Islamic stories from the Quran for kids:

There are many Islamic stories from the Quran for kids out there in the libraries and on the internet; as those in charge of the Islamic education of our kids understand the value of turning the historical incidents narrated in the Quran into stories suitable to their intellectual capacity.

Since our kids’ hearts grow with the Quran, the best way to introduce them to the Quran is through its many stories. These Quranic stories are a suitable source of Quranic lessons that have the cloak of entertainment on.

As a parent, we must choose the stories that are suitable to our little ones, and make sure not to confuse them with topics beyond their intellectual absorption, or shock them with violent descriptions of divine punishments.

The events that belong to these categories will not add any value to them, but will only scare them; because unlike us adults, they don’t understand its necessity or the divine wisdom that led to them.

There are many interesting stories for kids in the Quran, and today we will give you a list of our favorite stories of the Quran that are suitable for kids.

1- The story of Adam and Hawaa for kids in the Quran:

The story of Adam and Hawaa is basically the Islamic creation story, which makes it the most important story in Islam.

“Allah has created both Adam and Hawaa from clay and permitted them to live in heaven, and enjoy it as they want. They had so much delicious food, and big palaces, with huge beautiful gardens. There were many cool animals and birds, and the trees had so many amazing fruits. It was never too cold, nor too hot, but the weather was always to their liking. They were never bored, sad, or angry in heaven. 

Adam and Hawaa were living happily, and one day Allah told them that they were forbidden from eating the apples of a certain apple tree, and they promised to obey their almighty creator, but the devil knew of this agreement. 

So, he went to Adam and Hawaa and whispered evilly in their ears, tempting them to eat from that one tree that Allah had ordered them to avoid. Adam and Hawaa fell to their tricks and ate apples from the tree.

Later on, when they stood before Allah, remorseful and full of regret, Allah gave them a second chance, and told them that they would go to earth with two tasks: worship him properly, and build the earth, if they obey Allah, he will grant them the permission to live in heaven for eternity once again.”

While narrating the story to your kid, make sure to discuss with them how Allah’s reaction to the sin means there’s always another chance for sinners to repent. It would also be wise to talk to them about what human beings are on earth for, and how we should spend our lives.

2- The story of Moosa’s birth and childhood for kids in the Quran:

Through the story of Moosa’s birth and childhood, your child will benefit a lot; as it teaches him about a mother’s innate love for her children, and to always have trust in Allah, and obey him regardless of the worldly risks.

“Once upon a day, in a land, there was a cruel and oppressive ruler who was called Pharaon (Pharaoh), and he had a dream that a male child would one day end his reign; so, he ordered that all the male babies who are born in a certain year get killed. Such an unbelievably horrifying order! 

Everyone was freaking out, and all the mothers were extremely scared for their unborn children, wondering what would come of their little children. Among these women was Moosa’s mother. Her heart was full of love for her baby boy, fear for what awaits them, and sadness over what type of world they live in. 

Allah inspired her to make a wooden chest and hide her newborn baby in it, and cast the chest in the river. Knowing how scared and sad she would be over departing with Moosa, Allah inspired her that Allah would bring them back together.

Allah inspired Moosa’s older sister; Mariem to go after the wooden chest and see what happens to it. And guess what? The wooden chest ended up at Pharaon’s palace’s gates! 

Pharaon’s wife, Asya didn’t have male children and decided to take him as her son. The boy was so hungry, yet refused to be fed by anyone, and no matter how hard they tried, he wouldn’t get breastfed by any women.

His sister, Mariem learned of that and took it upon herself to offer to get them a woman who could breastfeed him, and actually suggested Moosa’s mother, but they didn’t know that this woman who was feeding him, and staying by his side, tending to them with the utmost love and care was actually his mother.

Finally, Allah’s promise to Moosa’s mother came true; her boy was safe, and she was once again by his side.”

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3- The story of Moosa and Al-Khidr for kids in the Quran:

“The story of Moosa and Al-Khidr starts when Allah inspired Moosa that a man where the rivers meet is knowledgeable. When they met, Moosa asked Al-Khidr to teach him. 

Al-Khidr warned Moosa that he wouldn’t be able to have the patience required in their journey, but Moosa insisted that he would practice his highest levels of patience. 

Then, Al-Khidr told Moosa of his only rule: to not ask about anything, and wait patiently for Al-Khidr to give him the answer for his unasked questions. 

First, they sailed in a boat and came across a ship, and Al-Khidr damaged the ship. So, Moosa disapprovingly asked why he would do that. Al-Khidr reminded Moosa of their agreement, and Moosa apologized.

Second, in a village, Al-Khidr killed a little boy; so, Moosa disapprovingly asked him about the reason once more, and again Al-Khidr reminded him of their agreement, and Moosa apologized again.

Third, they arrived at a village, whose people refused to offer them any food. Al-Khidr decided to build up a wall that is about to crumble and fall down. So, Moosa asked him why he did that and advised him to ask to be paid for building it up. 

This time, Al-Khidr didn’t forgive Moosa, and told him that he would not be his companion anymore. So, he decided to tell him the reason behind his actions. 

In the first incident, there was an oppressive king who would steal all good ships; so when he damaged it, he protected it from being robbed. In the second incident, Al-Khidr told Moosa that the boy was corrupted at heart; so, Allah wanted to replace him with a good child for his kind parents. 

In the last incident, the wall belonged to two orphan boys, and underneath it was their treasure; so, in order to protect it until they grow up and become able to use it properly, he needed to build up the wall.”

When you tell this story to your kid, make sure to introduce them to the concept of the inevitable goodness in all Allah’s fates, and the importance of patience during times of crisis.

4- The story of Suleiman and the ants for kids in the Quran:

The story of the interaction between Suleiman and the ants is one of the most beautiful stories in the Quran for kids; as it records how Allah intends for us to live alongside the rest of the creatures, which reflects how we – human beings – are supposed to treat each other, according to the teachings of Islam.

“Allah has granted his prophet – Suleiman – the ability to speak to animals and birds, and no one else on this earth has ever been blessed with such a unique ability.

One day, Suleiman was out with his huge army, and everyone was marching forward with strength, persistence, and determination to achieve their mission.

While they were moving, they were about to come across a village of ants. An ant; a very smart, kind, and brave ant saw them and noticed that they were about to crush the little ants with their enormous feet. 

She looked at her family and friends, and noticed that they weren’t aware of the danger; as they were concentrating on their work, and paying attention only to it. 

So, she screamed at them to be wary of Suleiman and his army, lest they crush them without noticing. The wise Suleiman heard the smart ant, and ordered his army to take a different route; so that they don’t disturb or hurt the little ants, who are working so hard.”

5- The story of Ashab Al-Kahf for kids in the Quran:

The story of Ashab Al-Kahf is a story in the Quran that speaks of a miracle experienced by a group of believers. The term “Ashab Al-Kahf” means “the companions of the cave”.

“In a foreign land lived a group of believers, who worshiped Allah sincerely, but their king didn’t believe in Allah and wanted to force everyone to worship the false idols he took as gods. 

Of course, the group of believers in Allah wouldn’t comply and started to resist. The bad ruler didn’t let them go and made his soldiers and guards chase them. 

What did he want with them? We don’t know for sure, but we can speculate that he would probably try various methods of cruel persuasion to make them abandon their beliefs and adopt his idols as gods as well.

So, the group of believers and their dog escaped, and hid in a cave, in an attempt to save their souls and hold their religion tightly in their hearts. Allah put them in deep slumber for many days, weeks, months, and years. 

Later, after many years, the believers and their dog woke up, and they looked exactly the same, and felt the same; as if no time had passed at all. They felt hungry; so, they sent one of them back to the city to try and buy some food.

When he arrived in the city, he tried to exchange the money he had for some food, but the merchants told him this kind of currency is outdated. Confusingly, the merchant took him to the new emperor, where the believer asked about what happened to the other ruler, from whom he was fleeing with his companions.

The new emperor told him that he died hundreds of years ago and that now everyone believes in Allah. The emperor inquired from him what had happened to him, and knew that he was one of the sincere believers who wouldn’t abandon their faith despite all the threats and danger they had faced.

He went back to his companions and told them what had happened to him in the city. They were happy and excited to live in the Muslim community they longed for. 

They felt exhausted and decided to rest for a while, and then they all died. Allah has chosen to end their earthly struggle, and take them to his heaven, where they would never suffer, struggle, or fear for their faith ever again.”

It’s highly advisable while narrating this story to your kid to ask them what they think of their behaviors, and what they think is the purpose of their lives.

Through stories, your kid takes their first steps into the outside world; so, make sure to present them the world you want them to bring into our present and our future.

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