Who Are the Muslim Community Patrol and Services?

Muslim Community Patrol

Muslim Community Patrol and Services (MCPS) is one of the trending Muslim concepts. Every community has a guardian hero who looks out for the members of that community; be it a poet, a critic, a politician, a revolutionary individual, a warrior, or even an organization.

That hero would dedicate their life to serving his people, facilitating their lives, and providing them with anything that would give them the means to live a better life, and defending them against any offender, or ill-intentioned person who means them any harm.

Imagine if your community didn’t have one hero, but a gradually increasing group of heroes who are like guardian angels, always watching you from afar making sure you are safe and sound.

Well, welcome to the Muslim Community Patrol and Services (MCPS).

What is the Muslim Community Patrol and Services?

The Muslim Community Patrol and Services is a non-profit organization, run by Muslim Americans in New York City.

The Muslim Community Patrol and Services is the hero protecting and looking after American Muslims in America. However, it’s not some superhero, with awesome superpowers, and a sad background story, but a true hero; Muslim American individuals, who struggle to have a voice, but dare to scream in the face of injustice anyway.

The members of the NYC Muslim Community Patrol and Services are Muslim Americans who chose to serve their community, through volunteering in MCPS, offering their free services to the best of their abilities to their lovely community.

What is the Goal of Muslim Community Patrol and Services?

The goal of Muslim Community Patrol and Services is to primarily serve their Muslim community. In addition, the Muslim Community Patrols and Services aims at assisting the entire New York community, regardless of their religious, racial, or political affiliations. Through this, they set a wonderful example to other institutions that discriminate against Muslims or Arabs.

What is the importance of the Muslim Community Patrol and Services?

The importance of organizations such as the Muslim Community Patrol and Services lies in what it offers society and the entire world:

1- Protect Muslims in the NewYork community: 

The MCPS attempts to protect all the Muslims in the NewYork community, through guiding newly arrived individuals to the rules of the community, the laws of the country. 

They also support them to quickly have a stable, safe life; as they can help you find a place with a suitable rent and a decent job that fits your qualifications.

2- Defend the Muslim cause:

The MCPS defend the Muslim cause through representing Islam and its core, in a community in which Islamophobia rates are higher than usual.

Their tolerant and accurate beliefs of Islam, and not shutting down on themselves, but instead, opening up to the whole world, and contributing to the state where they are situated shows everyone the true nature of Islam, as a just, tolerant, and accepting religion.

3- A meeting point for many Muslims:

The MCPS provides Muslims with a golden chance of meeting other Muslims and bonding with them. This can help all Muslims become more at ease upon finding someone who shares their interests, and their preferences.

The events MCPS organizes, and the services it provides others brings everyone together, and allows Muslims from different cultural backgrounds to be together in a melting pot.

4- Contributes to the whole of NewYork community:

The MCPS contributes to the whole of the New York community, rather than contributing to the Muslim community within New York only. They offer the authorities their assistance in issues related to the entirety of NewYork community:

They cooperate with the police department of New York in investigating local crimes, and they themselves literally patrol around the state in an attempt to keep it safe. Whether they patrol the city, or lend the police an extra hand, they do so armless; as after all they are civilians.

They participate in the search parties organized to search for missing people no matter what their religion, mediate the conversation between the police officers and people who can’t speak English through translation.

5- Provides Muslims with many services:

The Muslim Community Patrol and Services offers the Muslim community of NewYork, and the General community a lot of different services, and provides them with a wide variety of activities. 

What are the services provided by MCPS?

There are many services offered by MCPS; which include: 

  1. A program of feeding the homeless which has served for 47 weeks, and served 7500 plates.
  2. Counseling and therapy sessions in case someone was suffering from family problems, violence and domestic abuse, drug abuse, and couple therapy for married couples who are thinking of divorce.
  3. Social services; such as: getting medical insurance, housing and landlord issues, immigration issues, assistance of the elders, tax filing assistance, and food stamps application.

What are the activities provided by MCPS?

There are also many activities held by MCPS; which include:

  1. Mentorship Programs and career training which allows the young a life bound, realistic training under the supervision of mentors who guide them throughout their whole journey.
  2. Juvenile Awareness Programs which are in charge of organizing trips for teenagers and young adults to prisons, hospitals, morgues, funeral homes, and cemeteries. The aim of this program is to allow them to come face to face with the reality of life.

We are aware that the Muslim Community Patrol and Services seems like a dream, but what about joining that dream, and becoming part of it? 

They accept volunteers constantly. All you need to do is to visit the following link. Select your most suitable volunteering criteria, then fill out your volunteer application.

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