The Muslim Community of New Jersey – Top 7 Muslim Community Centers In New Jersey

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Muslim Community of New Jersey: To be able to call a place home, one has to find harmony between it and their identity, and whether you leave your home behind and are left with only your identity, or you have become someone new, but still hold on to your old home, you need a new home for sure.

The Muslim community of New Jersey:

The Muslim community of New Jersey decided to become a home for those who are holding Islam deep in their hearts and have become homeless.

This new home of the New Jersey Muslim community is represented by the Islamic organizations and institutions that gather all the Muslims of New Jersey together as one, big, loving family. 

New Jersey is full of such non-profit organizations and institutions; such as the Muslim Community of New Jersey Masjid, The Fusion Muslim Community Center of New Jersey, and Sahlah Academy.

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1- The Muslim Community of New Jersey Masjid (MCNJ):

The Muslim Community of New Jersey Masjid is a non-profit organization, run by individuals from the community, and serves the Muslim community of New Jersey. In their efforts, MCNJ concentrates on the youth; as they are the hope of Al-Omma.

In MCNJ, all the decisions are made through Majlis-e-Shura, which means decisions are made through a thorough discussion of the options, then the whole group would decide together, instead of an individual making a dictatorial decision. This philosophy of El-Shura is an Islamic philosophy that was practiced by our wise prophet (peace be upon him).

The Muslim Community of New Jersey Masjid offers many services to the New Jersey Muslim community; for example: funeral management services, marriage services, charity and donations, Masjid development services, and counseling and therapy.

There are multiple educational programs run by targeting the youth of the community; for example: Maktab-As-Suffah, Sunday Islamic School, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts.

If you are interested to know more about MCNJ, you will find more about them through this link.

2- The Fusion Muslim Community Center of New Jersey:

The Fusion Muslim Community Center of New Jersey is a non-profit institution that brings Muslims of New Jersey together, on the common ground of seeking knowledge, aiming at a spiritual connection with Allah, serving others to the best of their abilities, and sharing these values with the whole community.

The Fusion has launched many different programs that target children and women mainly; such as: the fitness program, daily Quran classes, Sunday School, and Kids Summer Program.

This link will help you contact The Fusion.

Sahlah Moblie CTA - Sahlah Academy Sahlah Desktop CTA - Sahlah Academy

3- Muslim Community Center of Union County (MCCUC) In New Jersey: 

The Muslim Community Center of Union County serves and is being run by the Muslim community of New Jersey. It offers many services and provides the community’s members with many great programs.

MCCUC offers the Muslim community of New Jersey different services and educational programs such as donation and Sadaqah services, “Ask the Imam” Fatwa service, and Sunday school, which provides all Muslim Members of the community with a source of high-quality Islamic education.

To learn more about the services of MCCUC, visit their website.

4- Muslim American Community Association (MACA) In New Jersey:

The Muslim American Community Association is a non-profit Muslim organization that is based in New Jersey, serving its Muslim community, and is being run by members of the same community.

MACA holds many activities and events that benefit the Muslim community of New Jersey. These events include performing the five daily prayers, monthly family night programs, sisters’ weekly Tafsir program, sisters’ weekly Hadith program, weekend Islamic school, and Eid celebrations.

You can learn more about MACA through this link.

5- Islamic Center of Jersey City (ICJC): 

The Islamic Center of Jersey City is a Muslim community in New Jersey, with a lot to offer all the Muslim members of the community; as it provides them with many valuable services.

ICJC runs many services; such as funeral management services, hall rental services, and the collection and distribution of donations.

ICJC’s Alghazaly School and the Islamic Center Summer Camp reflect how much the youth is looked after, and cared for in this community.

More on ICJC’s programs are available through this link.

6- Islamic Society of Central Jersey (ISCJ):

The Islamic Society of Central Jersey has a lot to offer the Muslims of New Jersey; as it offers them many services that fulfill the needs of all the members of the community.

ISCJ provides different types of services: food pantry, collection and distribution of Zakat, funeral management services, marriage contract services, library services, and medical services.

ISCJ realizes that education is central to the rise of a community, which is why the members running ISCJ have launched Weekend School and Noor-Ul-Iman School. 

To join ISCJ, contact them through this link.

7- Muslim Center of Middlesex County (MCMC) In New Jersey:

The Muslim Center of Middlesex County is a Muslim organization serving the Muslim community of New Jersey. MCMC has a very specific purpose; to worship Allah, and serve their community.

MCMC serves its community by providing its members with many essential services: Zakat and Sadaqah, Janazah services, Nikah services, facility rental services, and counseling and therapy services. Education is one of the pillars of MCMC, which is obvious through its stark focus on educational institutions.

Visit the MCMC website to know more about their services and programs.

Sahlah Moblie CTA - Sahlah Academy Sahlah Desktop CTA - Sahlah Academy

Sahlah Academy specializes in Accredited education for young Muslims:

Sahalah Academy is an online Islamic educational institution that targets young people. 

With Sahlah Academy, your kids will master their subjects, sharpen their skills, and become knowledgeable, while highlighting Islam strongly in all their educational programs; as they focus on teaching the children the Quran, Tajweed rules, the Arabic language, and Islamic studies.

Sahlah Academy offers your kids professional online Quran courses, that will teach them to read the Quran accurately and abide by the rules of Tajweed, and memorize the Quran by heart, while at the same time understanding its verses.

The Arabic courses presented by Sahlah Academy will allow your kid the ability to express themselves in Arabic; as the tutors are qualified to help them develop their language acquisition skills.

The tutors of the Islamic Studies course are highly knowledgeable, and specialized in their topic, and there are many topics taught in the Islamic Studies course: Islamic Sharia, Islamic creed, Hadith and Sirah, and Tafseer of the Quran. 

Sahlah Academy’s Homeschool Programs merge the governmental academic courses with the Islamic courses to give you a unique learning experience. 

Don’t miss the golden chance of having your kid as part of a Muslim community, watched over by all the other adults, and sign your kid up for the most suitable course or educational program at one of the educational institutions mentioned above.

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