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How to Learn Islam Step By Step

Guiding kids to learn Islam is one of the duties that parents should commit to throughout raising them. Islam is the foremost source for kids to know the good morals, behaviors, and Islamic principles which they should follow in their lives.

Parents should teach their children Islam basics such as the five pillars and explain the importance of Islamic worship. 

This Islamic upbringing will instill Allah’s love in their hearts, make them aware of sins they mustn’t do, and mainly contribute to preparing them as good youth Muslims in the future.

If you don’t know how to start teaching Islam to your children, check out, in this article, the best tips that ease this responsibility.

How to Learn about Islam for kids?

To learn Islamic studies for kids, parents should go through a fixed and specific pattern to raise their children better 

1. Start with the Pillars of Islam 

Your children should know the basic mandatories of Islam and its importance and virtues to Muslims. They need to know how to say the shahada, pray, pay zakat, fast, and do a pilgrimage.

You should support your teaching with Quranic verses and hadith that included the pillars of Islam.

2. Build the prayer’s love 

The first worship you should start to teach your kid is inevitably prayer. The ordinary learning prayer method for adults doesn’t work with kids. It’ll be hard for them to stick to this worship and absorb it well.

The best tip is to instill prayer love in your kids’ hearts. Let them choose a favorite prayer mat, allocate a prayer corner for kids at home, and invite them to pray with you together to encourage them.

You can grab books for kids to make them learn and understand prayer easily and interestingly like How to Pray Book for Muslim Kids and This is Why We Pray.

3. Accompany your kids to the mosques 

Your kids will appreciate the prayer’s importance through mosques. They will pray with numerous people. This tip will stimulate them to pray as the other people do, and they’ll get used to go to the mosque in the future.

4. Explain the names and attributes of Allah 

Learning Allah’s names and attributes are one of the keys to knowing Allah and loving him. Your children will learn about his great power, mercy, and forgiveness.

Kids’ books will help you teach properly and easily to your children like 99 Beautiful Names of Allah and The Beautiful Names of Allah for Muslim Children.

5. Teach them the prophetic biography 

Your kids should learn about prophet Muhammed (PBUH) to follow his good morals and manners. They need to know about his inspiring life after and before the prophetic mission, how he dedicated his life to Islam, and how he endured harm from disbelievers for this religion.

Your children can learn prophetic biography in detail and know the most prominent events in Mecca and Medina through the prophetic biography program that Sahlah academy offers.

6. Make a strong bond with Allah through Quran 

The Quran is an integral part of teaching Islam to kids. It’s one of the main reasons for building a strong connection with Allah. So, your kids should learn the verses’ meanings, how to recite the Quran, and memorize the verses.

7. Be a role model for your kids 

Your children will be motivated to pray five times a day, recite the Quran and do other worship if they notice you do them regularly. So, before you teach your kids, make sure that you follow what you guide first.

learn islam step by step

How to Learn Islamic Knowledge?

If you need your kids to know more about Islam teachings, attending online classes is the best choice. They will manage to understand easily with professional instructors. Your children can boost their Islamic knowledge through the following programs:

1. Tafser program

Your kids will get a better comprehension of Quranic verses through the Tafsir program. They will identify verses’ explanations while learning Quran from Hadith and other sources.

2. Islamic Creed program

This program is for learning Islamic Aqeedah. Its goals are:

  • Knowing Islamic beliefs.
  • Learning six pillars of faith.
  • Identifying the prophets and messengers.
  • Studying the Quran.
  • Learning about Judgement Day and the angels.

3. Islamic Sanctification program 

Through Islamic Sanctification program, students will dive into Islamic teachings from the Quran and Sunnah.

4. Hadith program 

If you need your kids to learn the prophetic narrations that contain prophet Muhammed’s (PBUH) sayings and actions, the Hadith program is the best choice. Students will understand the narrations’ meanings that related to the Quran and morals.

5. Prophetic biography program

Children will take prophet Muhammed (PBUH) as the best role model in manners and sayings. The prophetic biography (Seerah) program aims to learn from the messenger’s life, his miracles like Isra & Mi’raj, his migration to Medina, and more of the highlight situations in his life.

Your Kids will get theoretical and practical experience, learn the most common Arabic expressions, and have a chance to discuss with the instructor about Islam teachings. 

So, choose the best program that fits your kids’ interests and help them boost their Islamic knowledge from Islamic studies courses.

How to learn Quranic Arabic?

learn islam online

Learning Arabic will help your children master reciting the Quran properly with tajweed. So, we facilitate studying Arabic through Arabic K-12 courses.

This course is designated for both kids and teens. It guides them in learning the following basics:

  • Arabic Alphabet and phonetics.
  • Arabic vocabulary.
  • Grammatical structure (verbs, pronouns, relative nouns, gender, diacritical marks, possessive).
  • Writing, speaking, and reading in Arabic.
  • Classical Arabic texts.

How to Learn Islamic History Online?

Islamic Studies K-12 courses of Sahlah academy guide students in learning Islamic history after the Quran’s revelation. 

Teachers motivate kids to be curious to know more as they teach through motivating and interesting methods.

Is It Compulsory to Learn Arabic in Islam?

Learning Arabic for kids will benefit them in reciting the Quran perfectly and understanding the verses’ meanings. They will also manage to understand prophetic narration explanations. So teaching Islam to children should include Arabic basics.


You can help your children how to learn Islam from the beginning by teaching the five pillars of Islam, how to pray, Allah’s names and attributes, the Quran for a strong connection with Allah, and prophetic biography (Seerah).

Attending Islamic courses is the best choice for your kids to simplify Islamic teachings. So we offer Islamic studies K-12 that help children learn multiple programs such as Tafsir, Creed, Hadith, and Prophetic Biography.

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