24 Skills To Teach Your Kids in Summer

10 Amazing and Inspiring Skills To Teach Your Kids in Summer

Skills To Teach Your Kids in Summer: We understand that your love for your kid is intense and unconditional, and your most important hopes in life concern their safety, well-being, and happiness. 

Our little bundles of joy and innocence are to face this bleak and gloomy world on their own; so, we ought to provide them with a shield of steel and skills to keep them safe and sound, and to keep their hearts full of light and brightness.

What Skills to Teach Your Kids in Summer?

Summer is an excellent time to engage kids in activities that not only keep them entertained but also help them develop new skills. Here are some skills you can teach your kids during the summer:

There are many skills that you can teach your kid in Summer, as a fierce shield that helps them live well, and in a comfortable way.

1. Teaching them swimming:

Teaching them swimming is one of the most important skills that you can teach your child in Summer. Our wise prophet (PBUH) has recommended that all parents teach their kids swimming; as it’s narrated that he has said “Teach your children swimming, archery and horse riding.

Swimming is important to learn because one prominent element of our planet is water, and we need to ensure our safety, and our children’s safety, within this dazzling yet dangerous realm.

2. Teaching your kid horse riding:

Teaching your kid horse riding is also recommended by our noble prophet (PBUH); for it has great benefits for all its practitioners, whether back then during the age of the prophet (PBUH), or in our present time.

Although horse riding isn’t a means of transportation anymore, it’s still a good sport to teach your child. It will help strengthen their muscles, instill bravery in their hearts, and make their hearts race with daring challenges.

3. Teach your kids archery:

Teach your kids archery; as it is the third sport the prophet (PBUH) has recommended young children have to learn. The primary reason for this recommendation is clear; it’s a strong defending activity against all enemies. Though, that isn’t the only benefit of archery. 

Practicing archery requires a high level of concentration, clarity of mind, and sharp sight, which will make your kid more observant and analytical of everything that happens around them.

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4. Critical reading Teaching for kids in summer:

Critical reading is one of the best skills you can teach your kids during Summer; as reading will naturally help them become more knowledgeable and well-read on many topics, and it’s also a means of development of their linguistic skills.

When you choose a book with your kid, your mission isn’t achieved at only making sure they actually read the book, but it’s within your responsibility to hold long discussions with them about that book, and how to judge the ideas introduced by the author, which will help broaden the horizon of their thinking even more.

5. Teaching them to make money:

The importance of teaching children how to make money lies in the value of money in our world; it’s not a matter of luxury, but rather a matter of survival. Without money, they may struggle to lead their lives the way they want smoothly.

Take your kid to get a summer job around the neighborhood, and allow them to keep the money they earn, and teach them how to spend this money purposefully. Such an activity will teach your kid how to survive if things get rough, and will make them understand the true value of money.

6. Contributing to the household:

Contributing to the household can be through simple tasks; such as: making their bed, organizing their toys, cleaning their rooms, sweeping the house floors, or helping an adult in any other task. 

Contributing to the household will help you avoid them turning into idle individuals, and will teach them responsibility towards their family members, and will ensure they will grow up to become active members of their societies.

7. Learning the Quran in Arabic: 

During this summer, help your kids start learning the Quran in Arabic. This will help them keep their hearts pure, will solidify their faith, and will keep their hearts and minds more at peace.

Sahlah Academy offers your kids online Quran classes with flexible schedules; so that you can fit it wherever you want in your day. Sahlah Academy’s Quran courses will teach your kids how to recite the Quran with Tajweed, the meaning of each and every verse they study, and it will also help them memorize the Quran.

8. Learning more about Islam:

The summer vacation is a great opportunity for your kid to learn more about Islam; as becoming a good Muslim is all about deeply learning about the different sides of Islamic knowledge; such as: Sharia, Feqh, Hadith, and Aqidah.

No need to worry about how to provide your kid with such a deep level of knowledge; as Sahlah Academy has dedicated its Islamic Studies courses to helping your kid know more about these branches of Islamic knowledge.

9. Planting a garden:

Planting a garden can be a fun and a light activity for your kid during the summer, and this activity will also plant the seeds of kindness, sweetness, mercy, and care for all creatures in their hearts. 

Imagine your little kid brings still seeds to life through hard work and dedication. No blessing is greater than this!

10. Teach them First Aids:

Teaching them first aid skills should be high on your list this summer; as it can save their lives, or save the lives of kids around them in a moment of pain and desperation. 

Train your kid to be calm and composed during such critical moments, and go over what they need to do many times to make sure they have understood all the steps.

These skills are the petals of a protective flower that encloses around your kid in a healthy and pure aura. Let us know which petals of this flower are you going to give your kid this summer.

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11. Swimming:

Summer is the perfect time for swimming lessons. Teaching your child to swim not only enhances their safety but also provides a great form of exercise and recreation.

12. Basic Cooking and Baking:

Introduce simple cooking and baking activities. Teach them to prepare easy, age-appropriate recipes. This helps develop culinary skills and fosters a sense of independence.

13. Gardening:

Involve your kids in gardening activities. Teach them how to plant seeds, care for plants, and understand the basics of gardening. It’s a hands-on way to learn about nature and responsibility.

14. Biking:

If your child doesn’t know how to ride a bike, summer is an ideal time for lessons. Riding a bike improves coordination and is a fun and healthy outdoor activity.

15. Basic First Aid:

Teach your child basic first aid skills, such as how to clean and dress a wound, the importance of hand hygiene, and what to do in case of a minor injury.

16. Drawing and Art:

Foster creativity by teaching drawing and basic art techniques. Provide art supplies and encourage them to express themselves through various art projects.

17. Reading:

Cultivate a love for reading by setting aside dedicated time for reading. Visit the library, explore different genres, and discuss the books they read. Reading enhances vocabulary and imagination.

18. Basic Coding:

Introduce your child to basic coding concepts through age-appropriate coding games or apps. It’s a valuable skill that promotes problem-solving and logical thinking.

19. Outdoor Survival Skills:

Teach basic outdoor survival skills, such as setting up a tent, tying knots, and identifying safe plants. This can be part of camping activities or nature exploration.

20. Time Management:

Help your child understand the importance of time management. Create a simple schedule for their day, balancing play, learning, and rest. This fosters a sense of responsibility.

21. Money Management:

Introduce basic money concepts such as saving, budgeting, and understanding the value of money. You can start with a simple allowance system.

22. Journaling:

Encourage your child to keep a summer journal. This helps improve writing skills, captures memories, and provides a creative outlet for self-expression.

23. Star Gazing and Constellations:

Explore the night sky together. Teach your child to identify basic constellations and share interesting facts about the stars. This can spark an interest in astronomy.

24. Basic Sewing:

Teach simple sewing skills, such as sewing on buttons or basic stitches. It’s a practical skill that can be useful in everyday life.

24. Environmental Awareness:

Instill a sense of environmental responsibility. Teach your child about recycling, conserving energy, and the importance of taking care of the environment.

Remember to make these activities enjoyable and age-appropriate. Summer is a great time to balance learning with fun, helping your child acquire new skills in an engaging and positive environment.

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