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Islamic Summer School

Islamic Summer School: Our children are our lifelong plants, and we must keep watering non-stop with thoughts, emotions, aspirations, inspirations, dreams, and hopes. No plant can survive without water, and it will either spread its roots in the wrong direction, getting water from a poisoned source, or wither away to nothingness in silence.

That’s why it’s of utmost importance to not cut off the water source from your kid during summer break; as their leaves and branches might fall and die, or the core of the plant might get polluted if their summer break is filled with dirty water.

To help your kid make the most out of the summer break, you can help them enroll in a summer school program, which aims at keeping your kid fruitfully occupied during their long vacation.

What is the summer school program?

The summer school program is an educational program, set during the summer break, and designed to help your kid become more knowledgeable or skillful in a certain field.

During the three months of the summer, children are not busy with assignments, studying, and exams, which means they have time to do other things and make up for the lack of free time during the academic year.

Usually, parents enroll their kids in a summer school program; as they do their best to give their children a chance at spending their summer break in a fun yet fruitful way. Most good parents would love to see their kid polishing their skills, making new friends, or being caught up in the passion of learning.

Why is summer school important?

Summer school plays a crucial role in addressing academic needs, preventing learning loss, and offering opportunities for both remediation and advancement. It provides a flexible and supportive environment that caters to the diverse needs of students, contributing to their overall educational success.

There are several reasons why summer school programs are important, and most of them revolve around the drawbacks of the academic system of the academic year, as parents try to fill in the gaps to give their kids the best chances at life.

1- Learn new things: 

The amount of free time you get during summer break enables you to learn new things at summer school; learn more about Islam, learn about a new interesting topic, or learn about some of the world’s problems.

2- Find one’s preferences in life: 

One’s whole future is a choice, and to make that choice, one must engage in many Islamic activities and actions to see what fits the most. The free time kids have during the summer break allows them to explore the world and find what they truly want to do for life.

3- Learn life-related interests: 

To many parents, the academic system is guilty of being unrelated to the real world; so, summer school allows your kid to become attached to the real world once more.

4. Skill Development:

Beyond academic subjects, summer school can offer programs focused on skill development. This may include activities such as arts, sports, technology, or leadership programs that contribute to the holistic development of students. These experiences can enhance a student’s overall skill set and broaden their horizons.

5. Flexible Learning Environment:

Summer school often operates in a more relaxed and flexible environment compared to the regular academic year. This can be advantageous for students who may benefit from a less formal setting, allowing for more personalized attention, smaller class sizes, and innovative teaching approaches.

6. Opportunities for Advancement:

Some students use summer school to get ahead in their coursework. They may take advanced classes, pursue additional credits, or explore elective subjects that align with their interests. This can be particularly beneficial for students aiming to graduate early or pursue more challenging academic paths.

7. Academic Enrichment:

Summer school provides students with opportunities for academic enrichment. It allows them to delve deeper into subjects, reinforce essential concepts, and gain a better understanding of the material. Enrichment programs can also offer advanced coursework not covered in regular academic terms, giving students a chance to explore new topics.

8. Credit Recovery:

For students who may have struggled during the regular school year and fallen behind in credits, summer school offers a chance for credit recovery. Students can retake courses they did not pass, enabling them to stay on track for graduation and preventing academic setbacks.

9. Prevention of Learning Loss (Summer Slide):

The extended break during the summer can result in learning loss, commonly known as the “summer slide.” Summer school helps mitigate this by providing structured learning opportunities, ensuring that students retain and reinforce their knowledge rather than experiencing a decline in academic skills over the break.

Unlock the secrets of the Quran with Sahlah Academy! Our certified educators, trained in the esteemed al-Azhar tradition, offer expert-led Quranic studies to deepen your understanding of Islam’s holiest text. 

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What is an Islamic summer school program?

An Islamic summer school is a religious educational program that gets carried out during the summer break, with the purpose of improving your kid’s religious state.

An Islamic summer school program is dedicated to helping your kid elevate their religious knowledge, improving their skills in reading the Quran, memorizing more of the Quran, learning Arabic, and having a closer spiritual connection with Allah.

There are many online institutions that have designed Islamic summer school programs, but the best and most efficient of them all is Sahlah Academy.

Sahlah Academy online summer Islamic courses:

Sahlah Academy offers her students high-quality online summer Islamic courses that will enrich your kid in all the fields of Islamic knowledge. 

Sahlah Academy is distinguished through its teaching methods that are in a constant process of development to give your kid the best learning experience, and in turn get the best outcomes; as it leads them to have a deeper understanding of their lessons.

In Sahlah Academy, teachers engage the students in fruitful discussions, the material is presented to the students through visuals and graphics, a practical application of the theoretical material, and students are encouraged to do their own searching process to learn more about the topics they discuss in class.

The Islamic Studies summer programs:

The Islamic Studies summer programs at Sahlah Academy are extremely bright, whether in how they have designed their curriculum, or how they employed different teaching techniques to make the process of learning easier for each kid.

In the Islamic Studies summer program of Sahlah Academy, your kid will get the chance to learn about:

Aqidah (Islamic creed), and Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence): They are the core of faith in Islam; as the first explains Allah’s creation of the whole world, and discusses the different ethereal creatures in Islam, and the second highlights the religious rituals in Islam.

Hadith, and Sirah (the biography of the prophet (PBUH)): They teach Muslims how to lead Islamic healthy lives; as the first focuses on teaching students the Hadiths of the prophet (PBUH), and the second sets the prophet (PBUH) as a role model to follow closely.

Tazkiyah (Islamic sanctification): This teaches them non-mandatory religious rituals; such as: Dhikr, that will help them keep their hearts pure. 

Tafseer (Explanation): which walks them through the meaning of the Quran verses, and the prophet’s Hadiths.

Don’t miss your chance, and enroll your kid in the best Islamic summer school; Sahlah Academy; so he could enhance his knowledge of Islam.

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Accredited by Cognia and endorsed by al-Azhar, our curriculum guarantees top-notch education.

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Our teachers, many with degrees from al-Azhar, provide unparalleled mentorship.

📚 Structured Learning: 

Enjoy clear roadmaps, progress reports, and flexible schedules for optimized learning.

🏫 Tailored Flexibility: 

Adapt our schedule to fit your child’s needs, with elective courses available.

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Sahlah has many programs:

 1. Online Schooling

2. Online Homeschooling:

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