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Islamic Studies K-12 - Prepares a Generation That Seeks Islamic Teachings in Every Action

Religion is the channel that connects a human to his God. It regulates this pure relationship in the form of rituals, commitments, and prohibitions. The tolerant religion, Islam is the religion that completes the monotheistic religions and ends the revelation of Allah through Prophet Muhammed PBUH.

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Better Mindset For Your Kids

Sahlah Academy aims to develop the young mindset and spirit to include Islam as the only reference, where any activity, saying, or idea contrasts Islam, they will ban it seeking the mercy of Allah and Heaven (Jannah).

The online Islamic studies K-12 degree Sahlah delivers is an integrated program that qualifies strong Muslims with solid beliefs and enlightened minds. Your sons and daughters are in good hands.

Online Islamic Studies K-12, Students Receive the Nectar of Each Flower Islam Has Grown

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Learn Islamic Jurisprudence online

Students learn about Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh) by gaining deep knowledge related to rituals including prayers, Zakat, fasting, and pilgrimage. Our teachers illustrate all conditions and rules endorsed by Islamic Sharia. Also, students pass over social topics, like family connections, etiquette, and hygiene.

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Learn Islamic Creed online

Through Islamic creed (Aqidah) curriculum, students will know more about the Islamic beliefs related to the universe, how Allah created it, and how it will be ended. Teachers will discuss the six pillars of faith, including Allah, the angels, the holy books, the messengers, Judgement Day, and Predestination.

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Learn Islamic Sanctification online

Teachers in the Islamic sanctification (Tazkiyah) syllabus lead their students to the practices and methods that the prophet recommended, like Dhikr, to commit in order to purify the soul from harmful profane elements. These teachings are not only inspired by Sunnah, but also by Quran. The ego is also explained.

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Learn Tafsir online

Our teachers display different sources of Tafsir, where they link the verses (Ayat) or Hadith that explain the required Ayah from Quran. As well as, they clarify Tafsir by opinion type and the process that a scholar takes on to explain a verse, where it could take different forms; scientific, legal, and linguistic approaches.


Learn Hadith online

As a complete record of the Prophet's actions, sayings, and approvals, Hadith is considered a rich curriculum that guides students to the right path. Our teachers explain the most important narrations that dealt with crucial issues in Islamic rulings (Ahkam) and morals, clarifying Quran and turning it into actions.


Learn Prophetic Biography

Dealing with the Biography of the Prophet (Seerah) allows students to take Muhammed PBUH as the only reference for living. Teachers illustrate his life before the message and after revelation. Also, they clarify lessons of Hijrah, Isra & Mi'raj, and the conquest of Mecca. The curriculum also focuses on Medina's great events.

Through Well-Designed Classes and Highly Qualified Teachers, Students Absorb the Spirit of Islam

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Arabic Is Included

Explanation through the Islamic studies online courses is mostly in English. However, there are lots of Islamic expressions the student has to know in Arabic, and that’s why its lessons are involved. Students will acquire the Arabic fundamentals within the course.

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Student-Teacher Discussions

At the beginning of each class, teachers will brainstorm some questions with the student to check if he/she knows the answers or not. This evaluates how strong the student’s background is about Islam, and it develops new channels of communication.

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Interesting and Motivating Molds

Our teachers put the early Islamic history in interesting and exciting molds that encourage students to look for more information and details related to these great events. This helps the kids imagine and feel the sacrifice exerted for the triumph of Islam.

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Visuals and Graphics Are Embedded

The easiest way to memorize a piece of Islamic information is to link it with a visual illustration. Therefore, our teachers try to display images, short videos, and graphics for practice to make sure that the students have fully understood the topic and digested it.


Practical Besides Theoretical

Teachers encourage performing every practice or ritual they explain, like prayers, fasting, dua’, and dhikr. This motivates students to become good Muslims, as well as it’s undoubtedly a way that the knowledge about Islam becomes more solid and stable.

Certified Curriculum from

Discover the authenticity of Quranic education with Sahlah Academy’s Certified Curriculum from al-Azhar. Crafted by scholars steeped in tradition, our curriculum ensures a deep understanding of the Quran’s teachings for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Certified Quality of Education from Cognia

Experience excellence in Quranic education with Sahlah Academy’s Certified Quality of Education from Cognia. Our accredited programs guarantee top-notch teaching and learning, providing a superior educational experience for students.

Our Statistics around the World

More than 25% of the World's population are Muslims, know more about the world's second most spreading religion, and enroll in the Islamic studies program.

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When we work to follow Allah’s path and deepen our understanding of our religion, Allah makes it simpler. The lessons are delivered one-on-one via Zoom, and your child will be taught at a pace that is convenient for him or her.
Sahlah Academy’s teachers are all selected based on strict criteria to guarantee that our students receive a high-quality educational experience. However, you can rate the teacher through our Google form to improve the experience overall and you can also switch teachers.
Parents can easily view and hear their children’s Zoom sessions. Additionally, any parent can use our quarterly progressive reporting system to monitor their child’s performance and progress.