Islamic Stories for Kids: 6 Best Stories

islamic stories for kids

Are Islamic Stories for Kids inspiring how Islam has multiple solutions for every single one of our worries? And as parents, what could worry us more than the upbringing of our kids?

Islam offers different routes to follow in the upbringing of our little bundles of joy, and one of the most amusing routes that can be our best friend in teaching our kids new life lessons is stories.

Simply, because the chances of them listening to our direct and explained orders is next to none, but if we try to teach them the same morals and principles through a story, the narrative will take it upon itself to teach them and have them embody that moral or principle.

Islamic moral stories for kids:

Fortunately, the Islamic heritage is full of Islamic moral stories for kids, that are suitable for our kids and will be so much fun as well as educative, for them. So, we thought of letting you know of some of the most amazing Islamic stories in English for your kid:

1- The Man and the Dog Islamic Stories:

The Man and the Dog is one of the short Islamic stories for kids that aims to teach them moral values. It will plant the seeds of compassion towards animals in the heart of your kid.

“Once upon a time, there was a man, who was walking in the desert. The sun was blazing, and it was cruelly hot. The man was so exhausted from walking for a long time; as he was searching desperately for some water. He felt like his throat was as hot and dry as the desert around him.

Finally, he found a deep well of water, from which he satisfied his thirst. He felt his throat stop itching, and his body came to life with energy. He was hopeful again and started to move again.

Suddenly, he came across a dog that was gasping in desperation of thirst. The man felt so much pity for the little dog; as he could relate to his suffering. But how can he get him to drink water from the deep well? 

He kept thinking until he reached a solution. He took off his shoe, filled it with water, and brought it to the poor dog’s mouth. The dog drank to his heart’s content.

Later, when the man died, Allah decided to have mercy on him, and accept him in heaven; for his deed of compassion towards the little dog was proof of the purity of his heart.”

2- Omar Ibn Al-Khatab and the Messenger of Kesra Islamic Stories:

Through one of the best Islamic stories for kids; the story of Omar Ibn Al-Khatab and the Messenger of Kesra, your kid will be introduced to concepts such as responsibility.

“One day, the messenger of Kesra reached the land of the Muslims, and he was looking for their ruler and leader, Omar Ibn Al-Khatab. So, he went around asking people where he could find Omar.

People started to point out the direction to him, and as he walked around the city, he couldn’t help but think about the kind of palace in which Omar lives. He thought that Omar probably lived in a glamorous palace, where all imaginable luxuries were within the palm of his hands. 

He imagined him to be surrounded by nobles who try so hard to befriend him, servants and maids who run up and down serving him, and tons upon tons of guards, whose job is to make sure he is safe and sound.

He imagined him dressed in the finest silks and velvet, and the richest garments ever, with jewellery as accessories decorating and completing his luxurious, and expensive appearance.

He arrived at a man who was asleep under a tree. The man was dressed in simple and humble clothing, and nothing about him gave a glimpse of power, or wealth. Kesra’s messenger asked him where Omar was. The man sat up, and told him that he was Omar.

Kesra’s messenger was astonished, and couldn’t believe it. Only then did he understand the difference in the definition of ruling a country between the rulers of his country, who thought it was an honor, and a joyful power, and Omar, who understood how grave the responsibility was, which is why he deprived himself of all the luxuries of life.”

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3- Anas Ibn Malik and the Prophet’s Iftar Islamic Stories:

The story of Anas Ibn Malik and the Prophet’s Iftar is one of the short Islamic stories with morals for kids. In this story, your child will get the chance to learn about considering other people’s feelings, and appreciating their loving efforts, without taking them for granted or treating them as rights.

“Anas Ibn Malik was one of the prophet’s (PBUH) companions, and he would watch him closely enough to know of all his habits, among which was his habit of breaking his fast with some dates and a sip of milk.

One day, the prophet was fasting, and Anas knew that. So, Anas had prepared the prophet’s (PBUH) dates and milk and waited for him to show up at sunset, and break his fast, yet the prophet (PBUH) didn’t show up. Anas grew concerned, but comforted himself by thinking that the prophet (PBUH) must have been offered an Iftar elsewhere.

Later that day, when the prophet showed up with another of their companions, Anas asked their friend whether or not the prophet had broken his fast, and the answer was no; he was busy with many tasks, and didn’t have anything to eat or drink.

Anas grew restless; for he had no food in his house to offer the prophet (PBUH), and didn’t know what to do. The prophet noticed his anxiety, and thought that Anas is a generous person; so, he must be anxious because he has nothing to offer the prophet (PBUH).

The prophet told them that he didn’t feel any thirst or hunger at all, and eased up the mood of the house, trying to lift the spirit of his dear friend; Anas.”

4- Salah Ad-Din and the Frankish Boy Islamic Stories:

The story of the encounter between Salah Ad-Din and the Frankish Boy is a great source to use in teaching your kid about accepting others regardless of their background, and celebrating diversity, while not allowing one to get taken advantage of.

This story was one of the documented children’s moral Islamic stories in English, thanks to its produced audiobook.

“It has been narrated that the Muslim military leader encountered a Frankish boy during his war against the Crusaders. The Frankish boy was captured by a soldier at Salah Ad-Din’s camp and brought to the Muslim leader.

The boy was undoubtedly scared to death; as he belonged to the camp of their enemies, and didn’t know what horrible fate awaited him after being captured.

However, Salah Ad-Din was able to surprise him greatly; as he didn’t order his soldiers to kill him, or imprison him, but instead asked his captor to comfort him and become friends with him. He didn’t see in him an enemy, but a human being that had so much in common with him because of this humanity.”

5- Noh and His Ship Islamic Stories:

Through getting to know more about Noh and His Ship, your kid will be able to learn more about the value of hard work, and the importance of having complete trust in Allah. It’s one of the most brilliant Islamic stories for kids that is packed with moral lessons.

“Noh was one of Allah’s prophets, and he was a ship maker. So, aside from asking his people to believe in Allah, he would build boats and ships. One day, Allah inspired him to build such a huge ship. 

But there was no river, sea, ocean, or any other source of water nearby; so, everyone wondered mockingly about what he would do with the ship. Yet, he complied and built the huge ship.

Later on, Allah ordered Noh to bring to the ship one male, and one female of every species of living creatures. Still, he didn’t understand why but had full trust in Allah that he followed the order.

Suddenly, it was heavily raining, and water was exploding out of the ground. There was so much water that a sea of water was formed, and Noh’s ship has safely sailed to a dry shore”.

6- The Lying Shepherd Islamic Stories:

The Lying Shepherd is an amazing short Islamic story with morals that will teach your kid the dangers of lying, and how each of their actions will automatically have a consequence.

“Once upon a time, there was a little boy, who was tending to his family’s sheep as usual, and he felt a bit bored; as everyday he would be stuck with the sheep, watching them all day long.

So, he thought of an idea to amuse himself: he would scream that there is a wolf approaching him and his sheep, and all the village will come to his rescue. “It was a harmless, but amusing prank”, he thought.

He carried out his plan and screamed loudly that there was a wolf nearby. The village people freaked out with fear for the little boy; their child who was in danger. They ran to the mountain in a rush, but found no wolf, and no danger. The only thing they found was the little boy laughing at them for their naivety of believing he was actually in danger.

They scolded him and returned back home.

Later, the boy felt bored again and decided to pull the same prank on the village once more. Once again, they thought the boy and the sheep were in danger, and rushed to his aid, only to find out it was one of his immature pranks.

For the second time, they scolded him, and each returned to their home.

Then, one day, a wolf actually approached the boy and his sheep. The little boy was so afraid, and he called on the village’s people to help him. Alas! All of them thought that he was just joking, and no one went to his rescue.

Thankfully, the boy was witty, and ran for his life, while the wolf devoured all his sheep. He went back to the village, crying and shaking in fear, and he told him what had happened, and confessed his guilt for lying to them, and abusing their love for him”.

Bedtime stories is a wonderful activity that both you and your kid will greatly enjoy during the nighttime. Plus, it will establish your presence as warm, safe, cozy, and fun. So, let us know which story you will be reading to your little angel tonight.

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