20+ Islamic Games for Kids: With Different Types, Benefits, and How to Choose the Right Games

Islamic games for kids

Islamic Games For Kids: Islam isn’t a lesson to sit through once in a lifetime, and it’s enough to teach you how to become a good Muslim, but it’s a tree that grows gradually as we water it, and we all start watering our tree of faith at the first second of true consciousness during early infancy. 

For children, games are not just for fun, but a necessity for their mental, emotional, and behavioral growth. Kids don’t know how to do anything other than play games and have fun, and as their caregivers and parents, we are responsible for guiding them through their journey of growth through playing games and having fun. 

In this blog post, we will explore the world of Islamic games for kids. From board games to online apps, there are numerous options available that not only entertain but also impart valuable knowledge about Islam.

Join us as we delve into the different types of Islamic games, their benefits, and how to choose the right ones for your little ones. Get ready to make learning about Islam an exciting adventure for your children!

Different Categories of Islamic Games for Kids

Islamic games aimed at children offer a blend of entertainment and education, providing interactive experiences that illuminate the faith. Here are several types of Islamic games available:

1. Games of Memory:

These games assist children in comprehending important Quranic verses, hadiths, and Islamic concepts by matching pictures or words.

1. Games of Memory:

2. Board Games:

Many board games integrate Islamic themes and teachings, offering an enjoyable way for children to learn about Islam while having fun.

3. Digital Apps:

With the ever-evolving technology landscape, there is now an abundance of digital apps that provide interactive and educational Islamic content specifically designed for kids.

4. Quiz Games:

Quiz-style games can assess children’s knowledge on various aspects of Islam, all while making the learning process engaging and enjoyable.

5. Art and Craft Activities:

Participating in arts and crafts activities centered around Islam allows children to showcase their creativity while reinforcing their comprehension of key concepts.

6. Role-Playing Games:

Engaging in role-playing games enables children to take on the personas of characters from religious narratives, fostering empathy and a deeper understanding of moral values.

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Specific games for kindergarten and preschool-aged children

There are many games available for young children that combine learning and fun while introducing Islamic concepts. Here are some exciting choices:

1. Matching Games:

Help your little ones develop their memory skills by playing matching games featuring Islamic symbols or Arabic letters. (Read Arabic Letters Games)

1. Matching Games:

2. Counting Games:

Teach counting while incorporating Islamic themes such as counting prayer beads or identifying the number of animals on Noah’s Ark.

3. Storytelling Games:

Encourage imagination and creativity by playing storytelling games centered around Islamic stories from the Quran or Prophet Muhammad’s life.

Read: Quran Quiz Game.

4. Puzzle Games:

Enhance problem-solving skills through puzzle games featuring beautiful mosques, Islamic landmarks, or famous Muslim personalities.

5. Coloring Books: 

Provide coloring books with illustrations of Islamic art, calligraphy, or scenes from important events in Islam.

Islamic Games for Kids Different Types, Benefits, and How to Choose the Right Games

Games specifically designed for Muslim girls and their unique needs

When it comes to Islamic games, it’s important to consider the unique needs of Muslim girls. Here are some games specifically designed for them:

1. Hijab Dress-Up Games: 

These games allow girls to explore different styles of hijabs and traditional clothing while promoting modesty.

1. Hijab Dress-Up Games: 

2. Islamic Fashion Design Games:

Girls can unleash their creativity by designing fashionable outfits that adhere to Islamic principles of modesty.

3. Quran Recitation Games:

Interactive games help girls improve their Quran recitation skills, memorize verses, and learn proper pronunciation.

4. Cooking Games with Halal Recipes:

Fun cooking games that teach Muslim girls about halal ingredients, healthy eating habits, and traditional recipes from around the world.

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Learning through fun: the benefits of Islamic game-based education

Islamic game-based education provides a fun and interactive method of learning for children. By integrating playtime into their educational experience, kids can gain numerous advantages:

1. Active engagement:

Games capture children’s attention, keeping them actively involved in the learning process.

2. Retention of knowledge:

Through repetition and reinforcement in games, kids are more likely to remember and understand Islamic teachings.

3. Critical thinking skills:

Islamic games often involve problem-solving tasks that enhance children’s analytical abilities.

4. Moral development:

These games emphasize ethical values, promoting empathy, kindness, and compassion among children.

Sahlah Academy’s Online Islamic Studies K-12 program offers interactive games to help children develop holistically. Enroll now for a fun and comprehensive learning experience.

How to choose the right Islamic game for your child?

When it comes to choosing the right Islamic game for your child, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice:

1. Age-appropriate:

Consider the age of your child and choose a game that is suitable for their developmental stage.

2. Educational content:

Look for games that offer educational value, such as teaching the Arabic alphabet or Quranic verses.

3. Interactive features:

Opt for games that encourage active participation and engagement rather than passive screen time.

4. Positive messaging:

Ensure that the game promotes positive values and teaches Islamic principles in a fun and engaging way.

5. Reviews and recommendations:

Read reviews from other parents or seek recommendations from trusted sources before making a purchase.

6. Compatibility:

Check if the game can be played on your device or platform to avoid any compatibility issues.

7. Safety considerations:

Prioritize games that have appropriate safety measures, such as parental controls or secure online interactions.

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Fun and easy Islamic games to play at home with your child

Playing games with your child at home can be a great way to teach them about Islamic culture and values while also having fun. Here are some fun and easy Islamic games for girls you can play at home with your child:

1. Quranic Treasure Hunt:

Hide small cards or objects around the house with Quranic verses or names of Allah written on them. Encourage your child to find and collect as many treasures as they can while learning about Islam.

2. Prophet Pictionary:

Draw pictures representing different prophets from Islamic history on small pieces of paper, then take turns guessing which prophet is being depicted. This game helps children learn about important figures in Islam in a fun and interactive way.

4. Halal Food Bingo: 

Create a bingo board featuring images of various halal foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, and meats. Call out the name of each food item and have your child mark it off their board until they get a bingo! This game teaches children about healthy eating choices according to Islamic dietary guidelines.

5. Mosque Building Blocks: 

Use building blocks or Legos to construct miniature models of mosques together with your child. Discuss the different architectural features of mosques while fostering creativity and imagination.

Enrich Your Child’s Faith with Sahlah Academy’s K-12 Islamic Studies Program

Sahlah Academy’s Online Islamic Studies K-12 program offers a comprehensive and engaging curriculum for Muslim children to learn about Islam through interactive lessons, Islamic quizz games, and activities.

The program covers topics from prayer and Quran recitation to Islamic history and ethics in an accessible online format.

By enrolling your child, you can provide them with quality instruction while stimulating their love for learning through the use of technology.

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What Islamic games are suitable for children?

There are many Islamic games that are suitable for children and are successful in stimulating their senses and physical and intellectual capacities while they are simply enjoying themselves. 

Since we all share the responsibility of bringing up our children and teaching them how to water the seeds of their trees, we want to share with you a number of fun Islamic games:

1- Islamic painting games:

Islamic painting games are an amazing way to teach your kid more about Islam while allowing your kid to play and have fun.

Print some painting Islamic sheets online, and let your kid be as creative as they can in painting them. Meanwhile, explain to them in simple words the Islamic rule related to the drawing they are painting.

2- Make a word game:

In the Make a Word game; the Islamic version, write the alphabet letters on a piece of paper, and cut them into small cute shapes of your child’s choice, a letter per shape. 

Let your kid explore the letters, and form words with them; such as Salat, Zakat, Surah, prophet, Allah…etc. The only help you can give them in this game is hints of the meaning of the word they can form with these letters.

Of course, the language of the letters is of your choice, but it is recommended to use the Arabic language, in order to boost your kid’s Arabic skills through Arabic Games as well.

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3- Islamic guessing games:

Play Islamic guessing games with your kid to enrich their minds, and broaden the horizons of their knowledge, and at the same time your kid would enjoy themselves without boredom.

Prepare a number of easy and simple questions, and add to them one or two questions of which your kid doesn’t know the answer; so that it’s an addition to their knowledge. After that, prepare a simple prize for each correct answer your kid gives.

4- Act the word games:

Act the word game is a game full of laughter and enjoyment, and is a game full of valuable information for your little’s mind to feed on as well.

Choose a concept; such as the Dhikr one says during one of the steps of performing prayers, and say it out loud. Upon hearing you, the kid should perform the act during which one recites that Dhikr.

5- Recite the Quran game:

Recite the Quran game is only a game for children, but to us parents, they are simply reciting the Quran. However, in order to make it more exciting for the little ones, we need to add the element of competition.

Have your kids sit next to each other and in front of each of them a Mushaf, and announce that whoever can recite the whole Surah without looking at the Mushaf wins a handsome prize. Dedicate another prize for the one who abides by the Tajweed rules the most.

Read more about the Quran Learning Games.

6- Islamic sort the cards game:

The Islamic sort cards game requires you to bring many cards representing many concepts in Islam; such as: cards representing the pillars of Islam, the pillars of Iman, the Raqat of each prayer, the important dates in Islam…etc.

In this game, all you need to do is put all the cards in front of your kid and let them sort them out. To keep boredom away, each time add a new number of cards or remove a number; so that, they aren’t just repeating themselves.

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7- Find the pillar:

Another usage of the cards we were just talking about is through playing the Find the pillar game. Instead of having your kid sort out the cards, have them look for them. It’s like playing hide and seek with the cards.

Hide each card in a place around the house and let your kid run around the house looking for the hidden cards; a ball of excitement. Then, ask him to pile the components of the pillars of Islam in one spot, and the pillars of Iman in another spot.

8- Islamic puzzles:

There are many online shops of Islamic puzzles designed to keep the children entertained while we are trying to teach them a thing or two about Islam. Buy some, or even better: engage with your kid in designing and crafting some. While working to solve the puzzle, tell them a few things about the picture behind the puzzle.

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There are so many more Islamic games to play with your kid; so, share with the other parents on our platform of Sahlah Academy your favorite Islamic game.

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