26 Fun Islamic Activities For Adults

fun islamic activities for adults

Fun Islamic Activities For Adults: This may be your only chance to flee this massacre of spirits and individuality; so hold my hand and take a leap of faith with me!

Isn’t it sad that life has become a rigid cycle of routine, to which we all are unwillingly attached? Gray days and gray nights go by without any droplet of colors until our eyes forget what colors look like. 

Such a life is difficult to go through without either breaking free of the wheel of routine or losing oneself to it completely, slowly turning into robot. We wouldn’t want option number to be your fate; so, allow us to walk you through option number one.

Fun Islamic Activities for young adults and adults:

Engaging in fun and enriching Islamic activities can be a great way for adults to deepen their connection with their faith.

The answer to rebelling against that awful wheel is indulging oneself in fun Islamic activities, dedicated to young adults and adults. This may be your only chance to flee this massacre of spirits and individuality; so hold my hand and take a leap of faith with me!

1- Reading:

Reading is definitely one of the most enjoyable activities by everyone; as it allows the mind to wander to other places, other times, and other lives, creating an opening out of the rigidity of our lives.

Add some Islamic books to your list, and make them as variable as possible; add some Islamic literature, some Sirahs of the prophet and the Sahabah, some Islamic history books, and some Islamic educational books. Such a rich and colorful list will definitely keep you entertained as you feed on it for a long time.

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2- Singing Nasheeds:

Although singing Nasheeds is mainly a kids’ activity, adults can enjoy it a lot as well. This activity can be fun on its own accord and as a reminder of our childhood at the same time.

You can compose your own lyrics, or sing one of the Islamic songs or Nasheeds already released by Muslim artists.

3- Nature meditating:

Nature meditation is one of the most relaxing and fun Islamic activities such as Islamic Summer Camp  for adults. Take a stroll in a natural landscape, and empty your head of all its worries and concerns, allowing your eyes and ears to feed on nature, and cleansing your heart and mind clear of the troubles of the world.

In Islam, we are recommended to wonder at nature as Allah’s creation. So, whenever you go for a walk in a natural landscape; be it a sea, a river, a forest, a desert, or a mountain… etc., think about how Allah Almighty has created those things and used them to put the world in order.

4- Visiting an orphanage:

Another fun and Islamic activity for kids as well as for the youth is visiting an orphanage. Such an activity is refreshing for the soul, purifying for the heart, and fun for the adult spirit; as there is no greater joy than to play with a kid, forget about all the worldly concerns, and focus on their musical laughter and cheerful smile.

Fit visiting orphanages into your regular schedule, and try to cover all the orphanages in your area in order to earn the Thawab of making more and more children happy.

5- Listen to Islamic podcasts:

It’s a highly important Islamic activity for youth to listen to Islamic podcasts; as it’s one of the modern, easy, and effective methods of learning in the modern technological age.

Many websites release regular Islamic podcasts about a variety of topics, which allows you to choose the speakers of your preference. Being online, you can listen to these podcasts whenever you fit it into your schedule. 

6- Competitions and games: 

Competitions and games are an excellent way to communicate with other people who have similar interests and affiliations.

Gather your friends around for informational competitions; such as: who is Allah’s messenger who has, which character of the Quran this is, and where did that historical event take place.

You can also divide your friends into two groups for a little bit more excitement and have the winning team enjoying a prize prepared by the other team.

7- Joining Muslim groups:

Joining Muslim groups is among the most enjoyable Islamic activities for high school students; as finding friends of the same age group, with similar worldly interests, and above all: the same religious affiliation, can be a great blessing.

Indulge yourself in fun activities and games with these Muslim groups in order to make more Muslim friends. You can find such groups in Masjids or Muslim community centers, among other places.

8- Playing sports:

Playing sports is very beneficial for our bodies, and an excellent Islamic activity especially when going swimming, doing archery, or horse riding as recommended by the prophet, with the intention of obeying him, and following his guidelines.

These sports will strengthen your body, sharpen your moves, and alert your concentration all the time. Moreover, exercising helps clear the mind, expel all negative thoughts out of our minds, and is a healthy outlet for anger and frustration.

Don’t lock yourself up in an endless maze of rigidity, and let the brightness of life activities invade the darkness of routine. Let us know in the comments what weapon of this list you will use against routine.

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9. Islamic Book Club:

Book Discussions: Form an Islamic book club where participants read and discuss books on various Islamic topics, including theology, history, or contemporary issues. Choose books that encourage thoughtful reflection and group discussions.

10. Islamic Arts and Crafts Workshops:

Calligraphy and Art Classes: Offer workshops on Arabic calligraphy or Islamic art. Participants can learn the basics of calligraphy, create Islamic geometric patterns, or engage in other artistic expressions inspired by Islamic traditions.

11. Islamic Cooking Classes:

Halal Cooking Workshops: Organize cooking classes focusing on preparing delicious and diverse halal meals. Participants can learn about Islamic dietary guidelines and cultural culinary traditions while enjoying the camaraderie of cooking together.

12. Quranic Reflection Retreats:

Spiritual Retreats: Plan weekend retreats or day-long events centered around Quranic reflection and spiritual growth. Include sessions for group Quranic study, prayer, and personal reflection to create a peaceful and contemplative atmosphere.

13. Islamic Board Games Night:

Islamic Trivia Games: Host game nights featuring Islamic trivia or educational board games. Games can cover a range of topics, including Islamic history, general knowledge, and ethical principles, making learning enjoyable in a social setting.

14. Community Service Initiatives:

Volunteer Projects: Engage in community service initiatives aligned with Islamic values. Participate in projects such as feeding the homeless, organizing charity drives, or contributing to local community development.

15. Islamic Movie Nights:

Screenings and Discussions: Organize movie nights featuring Islamic movies for kids or documentaries. After the screening, facilitate discussions on the themes, messages, and lessons depicted in the movies. This can be both entertaining and intellectually stimulating.

16. Islamic Lecture Series:

Guest Speakers and Lectures: Arrange a series of lectures with knowledgeable speakers on topics relevant to Islam and contemporary issues. This provides an opportunity for adults to learn, ask questions, and engage in discussions.

17. Islamic Outdoor Retreats:

Nature-Based Retreats: Plan outdoor retreats in natural settings where participants can engage in activities such as hiking, camping, and team-building exercises. Integrate Islamic reflections, prayers, and discussions during the retreat.

18. Islamic Art Exhibitions:

Art Shows and Exhibits: Host Islamic art exhibitions featuring the works of local artists. This can include calligraphy, paintings, sculptures, and other art forms that convey Islamic themes and values.

19. Islamic Podcast Club:

Podcast Listening and Discussions: Create an Islamic podcast club where participants listen to and discuss episodes from reputable Islamic podcasts. This allows for convenient and flexible learning in a group setting.

20. Islamic Board Game Design:

Board Game Creation Workshop: Challenge participants to create their own Islamic-themed board games. This involves designing game mechanics, creating questions related to Islamic knowledge, and ultimately playing and testing each other’s games.

21. Islamic Poetry Night:

Poetry Recitation and Open Mic: Host an Islamic poetry night where participants can share or recite poetry inspired by their faith. This event can also include open mic sessions for attendees to express themselves through spoken word or written poetry.

22. Islamic Film Scriptwriting Workshop:

Scriptwriting and Short Film Production: Conduct a workshop on scriptwriting for short films with Islamic themes. Participants can collaborate to create scripts and even produce short films that convey valuable Islamic messages.

23. Islamic Escape Room Challenge:

Escape Room Experience: Set up an Islamic-themed escape room challenge. Participants work together to solve puzzles and complete tasks related to Islamic history, ethics, or knowledge to “escape” within a given time frame.

24. Interactive Islamic Exhibitions:

Interactive Displays and Exhibits: Create interactive exhibits showcasing aspects of Islamic history, art, and culture. Participants can explore and learn through hands-on activities, multimedia presentations, and interactive displays.

25. Islamic Photography Contest:

Photography Workshops and Exhibition: Organize photography workshops focusing on Islamic themes. Encourage participants to submit their photos for a contest and host an exhibition to showcase the beauty captured through their lenses.

26. Islamic Historical Reenactment:

Live History Performances: Stage historical reenactments of key events from Islamic history. This interactive and immersive experience allows participants to gain a deeper understanding of historical narratives.

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