Can Someone Else Teach Islamic Homeschooling to My Child? — Top 5 Options

Can someone else Islamic homeschool my child — Top 5 Options

Will I manage to homeschool my child in the first year? This is the first question you ask yourself when you decide to change your child’s style of education.

The Islamic homeschooling concept depends on playing the parent role of teacher and replacing the school classroom with a learning space at home.

Although some parents need to Islamic homeschool their kids to develop their skills, they aren’t qualified enough to teach their children at home. They don’t have enough time for Islamic homeschooling due to their many responsibilities, or they aren’t skilled at teaching.

What if you hired someone else for your kids? Will it work with them? Will this person help them to achieve the goal you put in? Through this article, you’ll find out the answers to these questions

What are the Options for Homeschooling My Child?

Hiring someone else to teach your child at home is possible if you can’t do this rule perfectly. Here are five options for homeschooling your child:

1. Hiring an Islamic homeschool tutor 

Although there are countless homeschool tutors on the internet, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to hire the best online tutor who can meet your kid’s requirements and needs and helps you to achieve your goals. 

Don’t know how to start? Follow the next tips that assist you to hire a professional tutor:

  • Start searching for the best online tutors on the internet or ask other families who homeschooled their kids to get the highly recommended teachers.
  • Make a list of the candidates for tutoring and search for their profiles to know their qualifications, and certifications, teaching style.
  • Search for each candidate’s reviews to determine who is the best tutor.
  • After hiring the chosen tutor. Make with him/her weekly scheduled meetings to discuss with him the plan and goals of the Islamic homeschooling year.

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2. Hiring a homeschooled mom

Getting help from another homeschooled mom is one of the beneficial options for our child due to her experience in homeschooling kids.

Moreover, another homeschool mom will help you to put an effective plan for the homeschooling year and set the goal of developing your kids’ skills and boosting their educational performance.

Hiring another homeschool mom is a win-win situation. She will guide your child to pass the homeschooling year, and in turn, you’ll help her to increase her monthly income and boost her experience. 

You can take this decision if you know someone from relatives or friends whom you witnessed or heard about her successful experience in homeschooling.

3. Search for online programs 

This option will be more suitable if your child is older and self-dependent on learning and doing school work. In this case, we recommend our accredited online programs for different stages:

  • Online Elementary School: It helps your child to build critical thinking skills, boost self-confidence, develop communication with teachers, and be thrived to learn.
  • Online Middle School Program: It’s helpful for an easy learning style, developing critical thinking, and boosting creative skills.
  • Online High School Program: It qualifies homeschoolers for college, boosts their sense of responsibility, guides them to effective learning, and increases their academic productivity.

4. Hire a childcare provider for online learning

If your child is still young to do schoolwork and learns alone, you can hire a childcare provider, so your child can get supervision throughout the homeschooling year.

On the other side, make sure you’ve chosen the online programs which meet your kids’ needs and are provided with instructions. 

This option will be helpful if you’re a full-time worker and don’t have enough time to supervise the homeschooling work.

5. Take your child to educational institutions 

You can help your child make the most of the educational styles by taking him/her to academics, classes, and schooling activity centers.

These educational institutions will help your kid to do schoolwork and absorb lessons easily.

If you don’t have enough time to do this mission, you can hire a childcare provider.

5. Connect with the homeschool communities

You can communicate with Islamic homeschool families, homeschoolers in different stages, and homeschool support groups will help you get the information and benefit from their experiences in passing the homeschooling year.

This option will help you get the required answers to your questions and give you the best guide for homeschooling your child.

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Islamic Homeschooling

How Much Should I Charge to Homeschool Someone Else’s Child?

If you’ve decided to hire an online tutor or a homeschool mum, the cost of hiring someone else depends on many factors such as the years of experience, your kid’s degree, teaching time, and the number of subjects or programs. 

Generally, the cost ranges from $20 to $85 per hour. These prices don’t contain further fees like buying books, supplies, and other resources.

Tips and Tactics for Islamic homeschooling your kid 

Besides hiring someone else to homeschool your child, you should plan for the Islamic homeschooling year through the next tips:

1. Add fun activities 

Keep in mind that homeschooling will be boring for your kid if you don’t allocate a fun time throughout the day. This boredom won’t motivate your kid to keep studying and learning.

So, you can add some activities beyond the home like taking your child to museums, libraries, and clubs. Moreover, incorporate fun activities into homeschool spaces such as playing educational games.

2. Create a homeschool space

One of the main terms of Islamic homeschooling is to designate a homeschool environment at home which should be far from distractions and noise. 

So, close the mobile phone and make it silent to help your kid focus during learning time.

Make sure that the homeschool space is well-organized by using organizing tools to collect supplies, books, and other materials in one place. 

Furthermore, Make a schedule of daily tasks including what your child should do and print it to hang on the wall. 

The schedule will help your kid to know the schoolwork that needs to be done.

3. Follow time management

Organizing your kid’s day requires creating a schedule that estimates the time of learning and studying each subject.

On the other hand, you should limit the free time that your kid spends playing, watching TV, and playing online games.

So incorporate a daily routine in the homeschool schedule, which includes setting a bedtime and eating meal times.

4. Don’t ignore social interaction 

Homeschooling your kid means a lack of face-to-face interaction like children used in classrooms. 

So, incorporate social activities in the homeschooling environment such as communicating with homeschool communities, playing with other kids at clubs, and volunteering. 

Socializing throughout the homeschooling year develops social skills and gains different situations.

Islamic Homeschooling

5. Reward your kid

To motivate your kids to keep studying and work hard to keep going to achieve the homeschooling goals, reward your child when they pass a test, do an assignment, and finish all schoolwork.

You can reward your kid with a movie, a trip, extra time for playing, a favorite dessert, and fun activities.

6. Follow the S.M.A.R.T rule

When you set the homeschooling goals make sure they are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. The S.M.A.R.T. rule helps you set realistic and achievable goals. 

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What should you do when you are not qualified to homeschool your kids?

Hiring an online instructor or a homeschool mum can work if you aren’t qualified enough or don’t have time to homeschool your kid. 

Other options can work such as getting a childcare provider to help your child with an online curriculum and online resources for older kids.

Hiring someone else will save effort but needs extra cost, which ranges from $20 to $85 per hour. Planning for the homeschooling year requires designating the homeschool space and adding fun and activities to the homeschool schedule. 

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