Homeschool Must-Haves – Top Grade-Based Must-haves For Muslims

Best 16 Homeschool Must-Haves - Grade-Based Supplies & Items in 2023

Islamic Homeschool must-haves are essential requirements that parents should provide at home in the first homeschooling year to make sure that they’ve created a suitable environment for the best online Islamic learning that covers all the required items.

Parents of homeschoolers should work on meeting learning requirements at home to create a virtual school that helps their children study, understand lessons, and do school work and exams.

If you’ve decided to home-school your children, you should start creating the must-have Islamic homeschooling list to know the basics and necessities to avoid buying useless items. So check out the must-have homeschool items.

Homeschool Room Must-Haves

Before you start buying homeschooling items, you should set which space will be for learning at home to provide it with the following items:

1. Certain Desk with Specific Quality 

Islamic Homeschool Must-Haves

You can choose the perfect desk upon learning’s requests. Here are the various types of desks for homeschooling:

  • Corner homeschool desk for homes that don’t include enough space for homeschooling.
  • The home school desk for two kids contains a long desk, two chairs, and two cube shelves.
  • Old kitchen table if you need to save costs and have a suitable one for homeschooling.
  • Modern desk with bookshelves.
  • The home-school desk combo includes spaces for a kid and a parent.
  • Long desk for more than two kids, or small desk for each one of them.

2. Laptop And Internet

Homeschool Must-Haves  2. Laptop And Internet

After you’ve provided a suitable desk for homeschooling, you should move to buy a laptop or computer.

It’s one of the indispensable items that should be available at home as your kid can attend online classes, do assignments, learn from online homeschool programs, and interact with instructors.

You can buy a laptop or computer at an affordable cost and make sure the strength and stability of your internet connection are good.

3. Comfortable Room Lighting 

Homeschool Must-Haves lighting

One of the items that you should check out for homeschooling space is the lighting. It’s one of the most crucial parts of the room throughout learning and study time.

The lighting should be good enough to be comfortable for your kids’ eyes so they can focus and understand well while learning. 

It should be with a moderate intensity of light. The best type of lightning is UV light bulbs that you can use at night.

In the morning, the sunlight is the best option for your kid. So it’ll be perfect if you choose a learning space close to the window or the porch.

4. Bookshelves with special designs

Homeschool Must-Haves organizer

The home school must-haves should include bookshelves that make a well-organized room and save space on desks. You can lay on bookshelves side different types of books.

If there is a left space, you can use it for placing other items as toys.

Islamic Homeschool Must-Haves

Creating an effective Islamic homeschooling environment involves careful consideration of various aspects to ensure a well-rounded and spiritually nurturing education. Here are some must-haves for a successful Islamic homeschool:

1- Authentic Learning Resources:

  • Quran and Hadith: A collection of authentic Quranic translations and books of Hadith to instill core Islamic teachings.
  • Islamic Books: A variety of age-appropriate Islamic books covering topics like Fiqh, Seerah, Islamic history, and ethics.
  • Tafsir and Exegesis: Tafsir books or resources that help explain the meanings and context of the Quranic verses.

2- Structured Curriculum:

  • Islamic Studies Curriculum: A comprehensive curriculum that covers Islamic beliefs, practices, morals, and history, tailored to the child’s age and level.

3- Educational Supplies:

  • Notebooks and Stationery: Quality notebooks, pencils, pens, and other stationery for taking notes during lessons.
  • Educational Tools: Educational aids like flashcards, posters, and maps to enhance learning and engagement.

4- Technology and Multimedia:

  • Digital Resources: Educational apps, websites, and videos that offer interactive lessons on Islamic topics.
  • Online Learning Platforms: Access to reputable online Islamic learning platforms for virtual classes and resources.

5- Quiet and Dedicated Space:

  • Learning Environment: A dedicated space for homeschooling that is free from distractions, promoting focused learning and prayer.

6- Islamic Art and Decor:

  • Islamic Wall Art: Decorative items such as calligraphy, paintings, or posters depicting Islamic themes to create an inspiring atmosphere.

7- Prayer Area:

  • Prayer Space: A designated area for daily prayers and a peaceful atmosphere for practicing Islamic rituals.

8- Incorporate Islamic Values:

  • Character Education: Materials and discussions that emphasize Islamic values such as compassion, honesty, gratitude, and empathy.

9- Outdoor Learning and Activities:

10- Parental Support:

  • Time and Commitment: Parents’ dedication to actively engage in teaching, learning, and fostering a love for Islam.
  • Continuous Learning: Parents’ commitment to ongoing self-education and development in Islamic knowledge.

11- Community Engagement:

  • Islamic Community: Involvement in local mosques, Islamic centers, and homeschooling networks to connect with other Muslim families.

Remember that every family’s homeschooling journey will be unique, so personalize your approach to suit your child’s needs, your family’s values, and your educational goals.

Homeschool must-haves for 1st grade

1. School supply organizers

Homeschool Must-Haves supplier oragnizer

For organizing stationery items on the desk, you need to provide the room with school supply organizers. 

They should be functional, so your kids can pick up whatever they want easily. You can buy transparent products to see all the items inside them.

2. Mini whiteboards

Homeschool Must-Haves board

The Whiteboard is one of the perfect items you’ll need in the room as it helps kids to improve writing letters and words, practice spelling, try out calculations and complicated sums, improve drawings, and create to-do lists.

3. Curriculum For homeschooling

Homeschool Must-Haves books

In homeschooling, you can choose the curriculum that fits your child’s abilities, skills, and teaching style at an affordable price. 

This curriculum should meet your requirements to develop your children’s skills and level up their academic performance.

You can check out programs for k-12 online homeschooling and Muslim homeschool on Sahlah academy website. 

Looking for other homeschool must-haves? Here are the most prominent of them:

  • Headphones.
  • CD Player.
  • Hole punch.
  • Notebooks.

Kindergarten homeschooling must-haves

Every educational stage has different requirements for homeschooling. If you plan to homeschool your kids for preschool, here are the must-have items you need:

1. ABC flashcards

Homeschool Must-Haves ABC

One of the best tools for teaching your child the alphabet is flashcards. These printable items contain pictures of each letter to learn its sound. 

These pictures include real examples such as vegetables and fruits. Flashcards are beneficial for matching every word with its picture so they improve mental abilities. 

2. Laminator 

Homeschool Must-Haves laminator

This Laminator has several benefits for homeschooling. It helps you to make flashcards of the alphabet, numbers, and words. 

You can use it to create teaching tools and design stickers. It’s also helpful to save money on paper.

3. Shape sorters 

Homeschool Must-Haves shape

One of the homeschooling must-haves which is educational and fun together is the shape sorter. It helps your kid to learn the shapes’ names and how to differentiate between them.

4. Counting bears and cups 

Homeschool Must-Haves containings

If you want to teach your kid how to count practically and easily, you can use counting bears and cups which are educational and fun. They also benefit your kid in learning colors and practicing recognition of colors. 

5. Preschool Books 

Homeschool Must-Haves preschool books

You inevitably need to buy educational books for your kids, which help to improve their skills. It develops their imagination, concentration, and reading skills.

You can make a list of the most crucial preschool books by choosing the recommended books for you:

  • Apple Farmer Annie.
  • The ABC Bunny.
  • A Pirate ABC.
  • How Do Apples Grow?
  • Butterfly House.

The other homeschooling must-haves for preschool are:

  • Glue sticks.
  • Kids’ scissors.
  • Play dough with tools.
  • Crayons.
  • Library cards.
  • Markers.

Home school must-haves for High School 

The high school stage has multiple items which are different from the primary school. Here are the top must-haves for homeschooling for this stage:

1. Scientific calculator

Homeschool Must-Haves calculator

Studying mathematical problems and algebraic equations can’t be done without using a scientific calculator to get accurate answers. So make sure that you provide it before learning mathematics branches.

2. USB Drive 

As homeschoolers use computers or laptops to access online homeschool-accredited programs, they need to use a USB to save downloaded files from websites. It benefits them for moving files, whether images, video, etc., from one device to another. 

3. Post-in Flags 

Homeschool Must-Haves flags

One of the perfect tools for homeschoolers is post-in flags which can be beneficial for bookmarking pages, brainstorming ideas, writing small notes, making reminders, and noting down questions.

4.  Art supplies

homeschool must-haves Art supplies

Art programs require all the basic tools for practicing drawing, coloring, and improving art skills for the talented homeschoolers.

So make sure that you’ve grabbed all the tools which are: graphite and colored pencils, watercolor paper and pencils, chalk pastels, and art-tripped markers.

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Conclusion – What You should care About homeschool must-haves?

Homeschooling your kids should be started with homeschool must-haves to create the best educational environment. You should begin with room basics like desks, lighting bulbs, and bookshelves.

For the preschool stage, items such as ABC flashcards and shape sorters are useful to develop kids’ skills. High school supplies differ from the previous stage as they require essential tools like scientific calculators.

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