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Difference Between Halal Food and Haram Food: Allah, our mighty creator, knows exactly how our bodies function; so, listening to his instructions regarding how to treat our bodies means actively saving our bodies, and saving our lives from being wasted in the weakness of illness.

To follow the orders of Allah regarding what to eat, and what to keep out of our system is to accept to be guided through the teachings of Islam to lead a healthy life, free from pain and suffering.

To regulate such concepts, Muslims use the terms “Halal food” and “Haram food” to refer to these merciful restrictions.

What is Halal food in Islam?

In Islam, Halal food refers to the types of food that are permissible to consume by Muslim people. In general, the Arabic term “Halal” refers to the acts, behaviors, and options approved by the Islamic doctrine; so, “Halal food” means foods whose consumption isn’t against the teachings of Islam.

The existence of such a term as “Halal food” means there is another type of food that Muslims aren’t allowed to consume.

What is Haram food in Islam?

Haram food refers to the restrictive dietary options that Muslims abide by in order to follow the Islamic Sharia Law. In Arabic, the term “Haram” is equivalent to unlawful, prohibited, and not allowed behaviors that break the regulations of Islamic teachings. Therefore, consuming Haram food is against the Islamic rules, and is something Muslim people need to obstinate from.

What types of food are Halal?

There are many types of food that are Halal. In fact, most foods are Halal, and only a few types are considered forbidden to be consumed by Muslim people.

All planted food such as vegetables, fruits, rice, beans, cereal, and nuts are Halal, and ok to eat. Dairy products; such as milk, cheese, and yogurt are also considered Halal. Eggs, chicken meat, beef meat, fish meat, lamb meat, and duck meat are Halal, and Muslim people can eat them with no concerns.

If you are living in a country that doesn’t usually abide by Islamic rules when butchering an animal to eat it, seek out the meat that is labeled “Halal” in green.

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What types of food are Haram?

Only a few types of food are Haram, and all Muslims should be wary of consuming these types of food.

1- Alcohol: 

In Islam, alcohol isn’t to be consumed in any of its edible forms; as it forces the mind to become unstable, and forces human beings into a state between consciousness and unconsciousness. 

2- Pig’s meat:

Modern science has proved that pig meat is very unhealthy and harmful to our bodies, and eating it increases the chances of getting sick. Nowadays, pig’s meat is something many health organizations advise people to reduce their consumption of, which is something Islam has forbidden its followers to consume hundreds of years ago.

3- Animals and birds of prey:

All the animals and birds of prey, who hunt down other animals or even human beings and feed on them are Haram to eat; so, eagles, falcons, vultures, wolves, foxes, and lions are among the birds and animals we Muslims can’t eat.

4- Donkeys, horses, and mules:

While eating donkeys and mules is definitely Haram and prohibited in Islam, eating horse meat is allowed according to the opinions of some Islamic scholars, and forbidden by others.

5- Halal food that was prepared in a Haram way:

If Halal food gets prepared in a Haram way, it becomes Haram to consume it. So, if the butcher doesn’t abide by the Islamic rules in butchering an animal, it’s not permissible to eat it. If one cooks vegetables with alcoholic sauces, it’s haram to eat it.

Why are some types of food Haram?

Some types of food are deemed Haram, and we are not allowed to eat them; because we as human beings have only a very limited knowledge of the world; so, Allah who knows all creates some rules that help keep us healthy and keep us away from exhausting our bodies and minds with unhealthy food.

A long time ago, human beings didn’t know that pig’s meat could be so horrible for our health, or that alcohol can steal away people’s minds completely, and is responsible for many evil doings of human beings; because science and knowledge weren’t so advanced.

Nowadays, knowledge is advanced enough to show us that we know only a drop of knowledge in an ocean; so, we should abide by Allah’s rules, and trust that his rules will bring us and keep us out of the woods for eternity.

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