Accredited Online GED Classes And Programs

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Online GED Classes and Schooling
Get Ready to Earn High School Equivalency Diploma

Sahlah Academy offers a one-year GED program that consists of four subjects which guide the students to pass the GED tests. The GET test is comprised of a series of tests that mainly focus on measuring knowledge of core subjects. It covers the four subjects of the test.

This prep course is self-paced and consists of multiple lessons, quizzes, and practice tests that ensure you take the test confidently. The GED program helps you to be a high-qualified to pass the test. It guides them to focus on the required topics of each subject and avoid wasting time studying necessary topics.


What is The GED Diploma?

The GED diploma stands for General Educational Development which students earn after passing the test. It enables them to get an alternative diploma to a high school diploma.

The GED is widely accepted by post-secondary institutions and employment opportunities. It’s designed for students who couldn’t complete the required programs to graduate. So they can earn the equivalent certificate, which demonstrates their qualified knowledge to get a GET credential.

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Why GET is Important?

GED credential qualifies students to benefit from higher education. They can apply to many colleges or universities that require earning GET certification for acceptance. The GED credential boosts their self-confidence to be successful in work and life. Our mission in this prep course is to qualify you to achieve your educational or career goals.

Passing GED tests opens the doors to new job opportunities or promotions for test takers to master their skills, develop their career life and gain more money.

GET Subjects And Programs

Our educational program adheres to the US educational regime while also filtering out anything that might compromise the Islamic identity. Sahlah academy places a strong emphasis on instilling the kids with a wealth of knowledge, uplifting their spirits with noble ideals, and guarding their pure hearts with Islamic teachings.

Why Sahlah GED Schooling Program is super Helpful?

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Learning with professional teachers

We offer an expert team of high-qualified teachers who are always available to give in-person instructions and guidance that qualifies students to pass the GED test.


Taking GED practice tests

We help students to be well-prepared for the GED test through GED practice tests of the four subjects. It contains similar questions to the real one. Students will experience a real, timed, and online test that will help them gain the confidence to pass the original test.

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Online and in-person GED classes

Students can pick their favourite learning method. They can save time by attending online classes or joining face-to-face classes if they prefer intensive interactive courses.

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Money-back guarantee

We offer to try the course first. If you didn’t like our classes, you can get your money back.

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Accredited Online GED program

We guarantee you will learn the GED program at an academy that meets high standards of education as the course is accredited by Cognia.

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Flexible schedule

You can pick the available time for learning throughout the program period to make sure you’re totally focused during classes and not distracted or stressed.

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Learning with graphics and visuals

To make sure that the students comprehend the lessons smoothly, our teachers use images and videos to clarify their explanations so learners can grasp them.

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Hands-on learning

Students get a greater level of understanding through practicing during lessons in a supporting and stimulating environment of learning.

Our Statistics around the World

When compared to education in public schools, our learning strategies produce reading test results that are 44% higher

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Management Team

Managers at Sahlah are highly qualified and with extensive expertise in the field


Dr. Abdelkader Amor

Founder & Principal

20+ years of experience in education, consulting, and Islamic finance. And 10+ as CEO of Almaali Group for Financial Consulting.


Joe Bradford

Member of the trustee board

20+ years of experience in education and Shariah Advisory. Former VP and Senior Shariah Consultant for AlRajhi Bank


Lugman Ahmed

Quality Manager

20+ years of experience in education and digital solutions Former education manager of Apple Middle East.


Dr. Amr Hussain

Strategy & marketing advisor

15+ years of experience in Marketing, corporate strategy & business development. The CEO of GainWells & Master Business School.


Dr Tameur Nachef

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

25+ Years in Consulting, Training and Coaching.


You can be well-prepared for the test by studying the subjects’ topics, following your teacher’s instructions, and taking practice tests to be familiar with the real test.

To earn the GED credential, your score should be at least 145. If you get up to 165 you’ll get a college ready GET credential.

First, check your state’s homeschooling and online school requirements. Next, set goals for your child. Families who want a more official way to assess student progress use testing services for homeschoolers. 

These at-home, nationally normed standardized tests are one way to determine whether your child is progressing. How you gauge progress will ultimately depend on your family.

The GED program costs $140 monthly. The total cost throughout the year estimates at $1400