8 Fun Islamic Activities For Kids – Your Children Will Absolutely Love Them

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Fun Islamic Activities For Kids: Can you bring your little child to sit down for longer than a few minutes to study or learn? Most parents will say “No”; as it’s extremely difficult and extremely exhausting for us parents to do this. Yet, that isn’t a big problem; because our kids learn in another way, that is as creative as their little blossoming minds.

Little kids learn through having fun, and information gets carved in their minds best when they are absorbing it through tactile experiences, instead of forcing them to act like adults and lose the childish element that fights back the rigidity of life.

Due to our belief at Sahlah Academy that all kids ought to learn through playing, we decided to give you a gift of a list of fun Islamic activities that teach your kid how to become a good and active Muslim.

Ideas Of Fun Islamic Activities For Kids:

There are many ideas of Fun Islamic activities for kids that keep them entertained and at the same time teach them more about Islam and install in their hearts all the Islamic principles.

1- Building a Masjid:

Build a Masjid with your kid of simple materials: cardboard or Lego pieces, and let them decorate it as they wish. Help your child choose the design of their Masjid; it can be similar to the Masjid your family goes to, the Masjid of the prophet (PBUH), Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa, or the Kaaba. 

While building the Masjid, talk to your kid about the importance of Masjids, the significance of a Masjid such as the Masjid of the prophet, and what acts of worship one can do in the Masjid. 

Since it’s a fun activity, your child will most probably like to do it again, which means you will have several chances to discuss Masjids and prayer with them.

2- Making a prayer rug:

Making a prayer rug with your kid is one of the best fun summer Islamic activities you can carry out with your child. Make it as fun as possible, and provide them with all the material needed to decorate it. 

While doing this activity, speak to them about the significance and essence of performing prayers, and teach them theoretically and practically how to perform it.

This activity will encourage the little ones to pray more regularly from a young age, and will turn praying from being only an act of worship to being also an act of relieving oneself of all the distress of the world.

3- Reading Islamic stories:

Reading Islamic stories with your child is one of the amazing fun Islamic activities you can do before going to bed. 

Allowing your kid to choose their favorite books will make them excited to read the book with you, and at the same time, you should guide this process to ensure they get suitable books only.

This activity is very beneficial for your kid; as it will stimulate their imagination, help build a close relationship of safety and trust between you and your child, and will smoothly introduce your child to Islamic history.

4- Singing Nasheed:

Teaching your kids to sing Nasheed and singing Nasheed with them is another Islamic activity that you and your children will enjoy greatly, and through which you can teach them many things.

Nasheeds are an easy way to memorize things that are usually difficult to memorize; be it some rules of an act of worship, or some Islamic text that explains something to your kid.

Instead of forcing them to struggle with studying it in the usual serious way, turn that difficult lesson into a Nasheed that they enjoy singing.

5- Making Islamic journal:

Making an Islamic journal, in which your child specifies what Islamic activities to carry out during summer is one of the most effective Islamic activities for students to organize their time, note down all their favorite moments, and not miss out on any Islamic activity.

Your kid can craft the journal itself, and decorate its cover and pages for extra fun, then in an artistic fun way, let them fill it with their memories, feelings, and plans. 

6- Islamic card games:

Islamic card games can be double the fun of any other game; as it’s not only fun to play it, but also is fun to craft with your kid. 

While crafting the cards, you can explain an Islamic lesson to your kid, and then use the game as a fun revision of that lesson; a revision they would go back to more often on their own.

With Islamic card games, you can teach them the pillars of Islam, the Pillars of Iman, days of mandatory and optional fasting, days in which fasting is forbidden, and the number of Rakaat in prayers…etc.

7- The charity jar:

The charity jar is a wonderful activity that will teach your kid many virtuous principles; such as selflessness, kindness, sympathy towards others, and self-discipline, and most importantly will teach them the real value and status of money.

Make sure to use a jar made of any material other than glass; so that your child doesn’t get hurt if they drop it, then allow your kid to decorate the jar to their heart’s content. Giving the jar a special name can also be very fun, and exciting for your kid.

Ask your kid to start saving in the jar, and when they save a certain amount of money, guide them through spending it on people in need. In this activity, encouragement is very important; so, make sure to always praise your child for saving in the charity jar.

8- Roleplaying:

Role-playing is such a fun game that most kids enjoy so much, and adapting it to the Islamic culture is definitely going to be an extremely fun activity for your kids.

Your kids can act on the Islamic stories they learn about in a role-play mode, or imagine themselves performing a pilgrimage in Mecca…etc.

Games and fun activities are how our children best receive knowledge about the world; so instead of trapping them into an adult-like educational system, live up to their unlimited imagination, and fun spirit.

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