Noorani Qaidah – 2023 Full Guide

The Noorani Qaida

The Noorani Qaidah is one of the sciences related to the Holy Quran and its learning and teaching. It is designed for both kids and adults to learn Arabic. Al Noorani Qaida provides an exciting journey into a comprehensive foundation of the Arabic language.

With the Noorani Qaidah, kids can learn to read at a very young age. Kids can start learning Al Noorani Qaidah when they are four years old.

This method is used by teachers of children, teachers of students with learning difficulties, and non-Arabs. It is a practical application of the Arabic language and the recitation of the Quran.

What Is Noorani Qaida?

Noorani Qaidah is one of the sciences related to the Holy Quran, which aims to learn the pronunciation of letters. It also helps teach the Quran to kids and adults.

It was named after the author, Sheikh Noor Muhammad Al-Haqqani.

The program of Noorani Qaidah begins with knowing the number of the alphabet letters and understanding their characteristics. Next, knowing the meaning of the letter, drawing, similar letters, and the reason for calling it that.

The most crucial part is understanding the movements in the Arabic language, in which the student begins to learn the spelling of the letters of the language and intonation.

Benefits Of Learning The Noorani Qaidah

7 Benefits Of Learning The Noorani Qaida

Learning the Noorani Qaida has many benefits:

  1. It is one of the easy and practical rules for teaching the Quran to beginners and kids.
  2. It helps learners to read and memorize the Quran quickly, with the least effort.
  3. It helps learn the letters according to form and pronunciation. This is by mentally visualizing the shape of the letter and linking them to each other. Besides, learn the movements and exactness.
  4. Learn the original Madd letters, and help soften the tongue.
  5. The kids learn Noorani Qaidah with Tajweed and master it if taught correctly.
  6. It develops intelligence and understanding in kids so that they can memorize and understand more than others.
  7. It makes it easier for adults to straighten their tongues and learn the rulings of the Quran in a short period.

How To Learn the Noorani Qaida?

The program of Al-Qaida Al-Nouraniyah consists of several lessons. The learners must follow according to the order in which they came from their author, as follows:

The Arabic alphabet has twenty-eight letters. They are written from right to left. 

1- Learn single letters of the alphabet

The first lesson includes the single letters of the alphabet, which are: (….،أ، ب، ت) and so on.

When teaching the letters, you must follow,

  • Memorizing the letters well from top to bottom and vice versa.
  • The child must learn letter by letter and not move to another before mastering the one before it. 
  • The letters of the Tafakhim are: (خص، ضغط، قظ), and the rest of the letters are the letters of Tareeqiq. Lam and Raa letters have several cases when they fall between the tareeqiq and the tafakhim. For the alif, it follows the preceding one in delicacy and exaltation. 
  • Read according to Tajweed rules by hearing the sound.
  • Commitment to pronounce the letters (حا، را، طا، ها، يا) with this spelling, It is not permissible to pronounce them (حاء، راء، طاء، هاء، ياء) even if it is permissible without the Quranic pronunciation.

2- Learn Compound Letters

Compound letters consist of two or more letters. The child learns to read compound letters by spelling, not by sound. For example, the letter (la) is taught to the child by its spelling. It is a Lam and an Alif.

In this lesson, the letters are repeated between the compound and the singular so that the child distinguishes between them and takes root in his mind.

Here are some examples of compound letters: بَا، لا، تَا، كَافْ، ثَا، جيم.

3- Learn The Cut-off Letters

The cut-off letters are known as the Noorani letters, which are 14 letters. Scholars differed regarding these letters and their interpretation, as they do not have a fixed meaning.

In this lesson, the teacher must read using Tajweed rules. Al-madd must be applied without focusing on the child in the application as his breath is still short, so he stretches according to his energy only, but he will learn from repetition of hearing the lengthening and the rules of intonation from the teacher. The Noorani letters are divided into four groups:

  • Alif: Do not extend.
  • Letters (حي طهر): Its extension is two vowels.
  • Letters (سنقص لكم): Its extension is six vowels.
  • Letter (ع): Its extension is 4 or 6 Harakat.

4. Learn The Harakat or Movements

Harakat or Movements

Harakat is the accent mark used to show speech pronunciation and help communicate meaning in various contexts.

5. Learn The three movements

The three movements are fatha, kasra, and dammah. Kids must learn that in fatha, they open their mouths when pronouncing it, and in dammah, they join their mouths. For example: Hamza Fatha: A, Hamza Kasra: E, and Hamza Damma: o. The child repeats A E O.

Here it is necessary to pay attention to the position of the jaw and lips when pronouncing the movements. Besides, the time of the movement must be noted so that it is very short, not exceeding one second.

6. Learn The Tanween

Al-Tanween is a consonant noun that comes at the end of the noun. The sign of Tanween is two fathas, or two kasra, or two dama. The way to spell Tanween is

  • مًا: is pronounced مَنْ (mun).
  • مٍ: is مِنْ (men).
  • مٌ: is مُنْ (mon).

7. Learn Madd Letters

Madd Letters are (ا، ي، و), and the spelling is as follows:

  • با: is pronounced (ba).
  • بي: is (bee).
  • بو: is (boo).

8. Learn Sukoon and Jazm

Sukoon is a small circle ( ـْ ) above the letter. It is so-called because the mouth is still when pronouncing it.

9. Learn Shadda 

The letter with the Shadda symbol ( ـّ ) consists of two letters: The first is Sakin (has sukoon), and the second has a vowel (fatha, kasra, or dammah).

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What is Madani Noorani Qaidah?

The Madani Noorani Qaidah is an invaluable tool for teaching Muslims proper Quranic recitation skills. It is developed to teach the fundamental rules, methods of memorization, and Quran recitation.

The Madani Noorani Qaida combines traditional Islamic pedagogy with modern educational approaches. It also uses step-by-step instructions to teach students basic levels of Tajweed, no matter their starting level or Arabic knowledge.

Madani Noorani Qaida is a crucial platform for beginners to gain a strong foundation before progressing onto higher levels of memorization, comprehension, and recitation.

It teaches students the proper articulation points for each letter or verse from the Quran. Besides, guide them through various exercises until they can apply a consistent level of tajweed effortlessly. It ensures that students become proficient in memorizing, understanding, and reciting the Quran.


Noorani Qaidah is a valuable tool suitable for any learning environment or activity. It helps anyone to better himself in reading, writing, and communication. The beauty of Noorani Qaidah lies in its careful design for all kinds of learners. Both native speakers of Arabic as well as beginners can use it effectively. You do not need any previous knowledge of reading the Quran, as it starts with the Arabic alphabet for beginners.

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Why Should You Learn Noorani Qaida?

Noorani Qaida is an excellent lesson for those who want to learn and recite the Quran in Arabic. It helps to build the student’s pronunciation skills step by step. Additionally, the Noorani Qaida teaches basic rules of tajweed which allow the student to read the Quran correctly.

What is the most effective way to learn Noorani Qaidah?

The most effective way to learn Noorani Qaida for kids and beginners is through the step-by-step guidance of a qualified and experienced teacher. Find an experienced tutor who can provide you with one-on-one tutoring sessions. Additionally, try using online materials available on websites.

Why Join the Noorani Qaida Course?

The Noorani Qaida course at Sahlah Academy is a great way to learn Arabic fundamentals. Students can gain a basic understanding of the alphabet, sounds, and sentence structure. That will help them progress in their studies or use them in daily conversations.

Learning Noorani Qaida online is ideal for beginners who want to start learning and speaking Arabic fluently. It provides an introduction to Arabic with clear explanations and examples. That makes it easy for learners to understand and remember the ideas.

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