How To Learn the Quran For Kids? 22 Tips That Can Fit Your Case!

How to Enhance learning the Quran for Kids - Parents Complete Guide

Many parents are interested in learning the Quran for their kids. They search for tips and best practices for teaching them Allah’s Book (SWT). Starting to learn from a young age is the best decision for kids, as they learn Islam basics Step By Step and how to be a pious Muslim.

Parents’ responsibility shouldn’t be only for sending them to schools to access an academic education but also guiding them to learn ethics, worship, and further Islamic teachings which Allah mentioned in the noble Quran.

The major role of parents is to raise their children to a good and healthy upbringing which should rely on Islamic principles. So, check the best tips for teaching Quran to your kids.

learning the Quran for Kids
learning the Quran for Kids

How to learn the Quran for Kids?

One of the matters that you should take into account is learning the Quran for kids isn’t easy for them at the beginning. However, some tips make learning easier for beginners Juniors:

1. Teach Quran Stories 

It’s known that children love to hear stories that teach them wisdom and ethics. Therefore, you can make learning easy for your kids by telling them Quran stories that inspire them and attract their interests.

You can follow this tip by buying kids’ books, whether prophets’ or ancient nations’ stories. 

For instance, you can share with them situations of the prophetic biography of Muhammed (PBUH) to teach them good morals. 

2. Begin to learning The Quran For Kids with Short Surahs 

It’s crucial to start teaching your kid the shortest surahs in Quran to ease the learning process. This tip will be simpler for kids to understand and retain verses.

3. Set a Schedule Time for Learning 

To make learning the Quran process kids constantly, you should set an appropriate and regular time for kids when they are ready for learning.

When it comes to learning Quran online for kids, remind your child of the time of class and check out the child’s activities and performance with the tutor.

4. Make Quran Learning Enjoyable

One of the reasons that make Quran learning challenging for kids is that they feel bored quickly and tend to play to look for fun.

In this case, you can eliminate boredom during teaching and make learning engaging and meaningful through tactics such as doodling that help them to understand the meaning of the verse and retain it easily.

Moreover, use visual storytelling that catches their attention, in addition to relying on crafts in learning.

Additionally, you can incorporate games into learning Quran. For instance, choose a verse from Quran and test your kids by asking about the name of its surah. Make this game happens for a limited time.

5. Reward your Kids

As a parent, it’s essential to appreciate your kids’ efforts in learning Quran. The appreciation will stimulate them to keep going. 

Thus, once your kids improve in learning the Quran such as retaining a whole Surah praise them and give them a small gift.

6. Make Yourself a Good Example for Kids

Kids always tend to imitate their parents in their actions and behaviors. So, if you keep reciting the noble Quran in front of your children, they will follow you.

7. Follow Repetition 

When it comes to memorizing Quran for kids, it’s one of the most challenging steps in learning the Quran.

The golden tip that makes this process easier is reciting the verses frequently until your kid can retain the whole verse. You can check out Hifz courses for kids to get the best guide for Quran memorization.

8. Learn Quran with Tafsir 

Learning Quran for kids will be effective if they comprehend the verses’ meanings. 

This tip requires providing interpretation books (Tafsir) that enable your child to access the reasons for surahs’ revelation and their history besides learning the sense of each verse. 

9. Learn Quran with Tajweed

If you want your kid to be proficient at reciting the Quran properly. You should guide him to learn tajweed, the way that prophet Muhammed (PBUH) followed in reading. You can achieve this goal easily with the following tips:

10. Hire a Quran Tutor for Kids 

In the case of following an effective guide or plan by a tutor, learning Quran recitation with Tajweed will be easier for your kid.

Moreover, a Quran tutor will help your kid to recite the Quran correctly in Arabic and study the main rules of Tajweed. You can access online Quran classes for kids that enable them to learn with highly-qualified tutors.

Unlock the secrets of the Quran with Sahlah Academy! Our certified educators, trained in the esteemed al-Azhar tradition, offer expert-led Quranic studies to deepen your understanding of Islam’s holiest text. 

11. Play Quran Recitation Audio

Besides the Quran tutor, kids will make a progress if they listen to Quran recitation repeatedly. 

This tip as well as the Quran quiz games will make your child familiar with the Quranic tongue, retain the verses easily, and improve in reciting the Quran with Tajweed.

12. Revise Quran Constantly

learning the Quran for Kids with Tajweed won’t be effective if your kids don’t revise what they’ve retained. So, you can allocate time for revision to check the missing parts of surahs that your child needs to repeat.

13. Create a Positive Learning Environment:

Set up a dedicated and comfortable space for learning.

Ensure there are minimal distractions, so the child can focus on the lesson.

Use colorful and engaging materials to make the learning process more enjoyable.

14. Start with Basic Arabic and Pronunciation:

Begin by teaching the Arabic alphabet and basic pronunciation rules.

Focus on correct pronunciation of individual letters and gradually progress to simple words.

Use visual aids such as flashcards, charts, and interactive apps to reinforce learning.

15. Introduce Short and Simple Verses:

Start with short verses that are easy to memorize and understand.

Choose verses with simple meanings that resonate with the child’s daily life.

Break down longer verses into smaller sections to make memorization more manageable.

16. Use Interactive and Creative Methods:

Incorporate games, songs, and interactive activities to make learning fun.

Utilize multimedia resources like educational videos or apps designed for teaching the Quran to kids.

Encourage discussions about the meanings of the verses and how they can be applied in the child’s life.

17. Lead by Example:

Demonstrate a positive attitude towards learning the Quran.

Recite verses regularly and encourage the child to join in.

Share stories and examples from the Prophet’s life that highlight the importance of Quranic teachings.

18. Establish a Consistent Routine:

Set a regular schedule for Quranic learning to create a sense of routine and discipline.

Consistency helps reinforce what the child has learned and makes memorization more effective.

19. Encourage Family Involvement:

Involve other family members in the learning process to create a supportive environment.

Family members can take turns reciting verses, discussing meanings, and reinforcing lessons.

20. Celebrate Achievements:

Acknowledge and celebrate the child’s progress and achievements in learning the Quran.

Offer positive reinforcement, rewards, or simple celebrations to motivate and encourage continued effort.

21. Incorporate Stories and Lessons:

Share stories from the Quran that are suitable for children, emphasizing moral lessons.

Connect the stories with the verses being learned to provide context and a deeper understanding.

22. Practice Patience and Understanding:

Understand that each child learns at their own pace, and patience is crucial.

Be receptive to the child’s questions and concerns, fostering an open and comfortable learning environment.

To improve Quran learning for kids, you can check the Islamic studies courses for K-12 Muslim students at Sahlah academy, an accredited online Islamic school.

What is The Best Age to Learn Quran for Kids?

Some scholars recommend starting Quranic education as early as three years old, while others suggest that four or five years old may be a more appropriate age. The most important thing is to ensure that the child is emotionally and mentally ready to begin Quranic studies and is able to focus on learning.

In fact, learning the Quran for kids has no particular age as mental abilities differ from one kid to another, but there is the best age to memorize and learn the Quran. However, you set aside time to teach your kid the Quran at an earlier age and find a Quran tutor for memorizing when your child is ready for this step.

Why Should I Teach My Kid Quran?

Here are 5 reasons to tell you why your kids should start learning Quran:

  • Learning the Quran instills Allah’s love in kids’ hearts and guides them to good morals and manners, in addition to the obligations that Allah commanded.
  • Your kid will be one of the best Muslims and get a high position for Allah. Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) stated: ”The best of you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it”.
  • The Quran guides your kids to follow prophet Muhammed, as it opens the door to identifying his prophetic biography. It builds love Messenger of Allah’s love in their hearts.
  • Memorizing Quran improves children’s mental abilities. It sharpens their memory and improves their concentration.
  • Juniors earn language skills through learning Quran. They learn how to read Quran in Arabic fluently with Tajweed. They become proficient at reading, writing, and speaking.
best age to learn quran

When should children begin learning the Quran?

Children can begin learning the Quran as soon as they are able to speak and understand the basic concepts of Islam. However, the appropriate age to start formal Quranic education can vary based on cultural and educational practices.

Some parents and scholars believe that a child can start learning the Quran as early as three years old, while others suggest starting at four or five years old. The most important thing is to ensure that the child is emotionally and mentally ready to begin Quranic studies and is able to focus on learning.

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How to make learning with Tajweed Easier?

Learning Quran for kids with tajweed can be easier by following practical tips such as beginning with short surahs, hiring a Quran tutor, following repetition, and revising constantly.

Children should start learning Quran at the age when they’re ready for it. The Quran teaches them good morals, helps to learn about the prophet Muhammed (PBUH), and guides them to be fluent in reading Quranic Arabic verses with tajweed.


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