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SMARTAA is a pioneering digital education program and curriculum provider offering a diverse range of learning products to an international market. Since its establishment, the school has achieved numerous milestones in pursuit of excellence in digital education.

As part of Technoage, SMARTAA has developed an educational and learning infrastructure that encourages innovation, fosters growth, and stimulates positive thought. Decades of research combined with trial and error has enabled us to design our programs that meet the demands of contemporary education.

We have collaborated with thought leaders from the fields of education and technology to not only help in the preparation of our curriculum but to enhance existing teaching methodologies. SMARTAA aims to make online education accessible and affordable to pupils around all corners of the world.

Technology Driven Education

SMARTAA is part of a legacy that has helped develop education infrastructure all over the globe. We aim to bridge the gap between quality education and technology with our state-of-the-art learning programs that include gamification, virtual classrooms, augmented reality etc.

Our online learning programs are weaved with essential life skills that children need to learn at an early age; such as, money management, conflict resolution, effective communication. SMARTAA’s curriculum improves the cognitive abilities of students and helps them to overcome obstacles in their adult lives.

We are among one of the few online education program and curriculum providers that are helping communities grow out of their afflictions and hardships by giving them the hope of education.

From The Principal's Desk

The year 2020 gave us all life-long lessons; the most important being survival in the face of adversity. We collectively stood defiant, and found alternative ways to continue the grind of life. Two of the most critical segments; healthcare and education came under plenty of scrutiny, since healthcare and education industries simply cannot afford delays or disruptions in what they offer.

Subsequently, both are swiftly shifting towards digital; to provide seamless and uninterrupted solutions to stakeholders. SMARTAA had anticipated the need for online education well before any global pandemic; and our team had begun developing online learning programs that leverage digital technologies to provide students with exceptional quality education on their smart devices.

At SMARTAA, we believe each child is blessed with immense potential; it’s upon the teachers to unlock that potential with their teaching methodologies and the coursework. Our team of experts have put together learning programs with a keen focus on personal development of students; whilst giving them a concrete direction in life based on their interests.

Furthermore, our learning management system ensures both parents and students are on the same page with regards to the educational journey with us. SMARTAA has simplified the concept of online learning and is on course to make education affordable and accessible all across the globe.

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We infuse an element of fun in our teaching methodologies to pique the interest of our students.


We engage our pupils in plenty of group trainings, collaborative exercises, and gamification activities.


With our out of the box teaching methodologies, students demonstrate a knack for curiosity.


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