Top 7 Muslim Community Centers in Chicago

Top Muslim Community Centers in Chicago

Muslim Community Centers in Chicago: Protecting the innocent hearts of the young is like protecting paintings in a museum. You stand in awe of their purity, and powerful potential to create, differ, and have a fingerprint.

Nourishing young minds is like inspiring an artist; giving them ideas, but allowing them to follow their independent hearts and minds. And again, as in the case of artists, you must be aware of the dangers of suffocating them into a definite role.

That’s why in Chicago, the Muslim community has done everything possible to ensure a strong, smart, and self-determined youth, with a kind heart that wants goodness for all.

How does Chicago’s Muslim community handle its youth and other members?

Chicago’s Muslim community handles its youth and other members through organizations and institutions that aim at serving the Muslim community in Chicago.

1- Muslim Community Center (MCC) in Chicago:

The Muslim Community Center of Chicago is an organization with more than one branch, each serving the Muslims of Chicago in a way. Currently, there are three branches: the Muslim Community Center (the main office), the Muslim Education Center (MEC), and MCC Academy.

The organization of Muslim Community Center offers the Muslims of Chicago many services; such as: marriage services, funeral services, Zakat requests, library services, hall reservation services whether in MCC or MEC, therapy, and counseling and converting to Islam and Shehada declaration.

The Muslim Community Center also cares a lot about what kind of knowledge and information shapes the minds of Muslim youth; so, they have inaugurated two educational centers: the Muslim Educational Center, and MCC Academy to educate the youth.

If you would like more info on MCC, please visit them from here.

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2- The Islamic Foundation North (IFN) in Chicago:

The Islamic Foundation North is a Sunnah Muslim organization in the northern suburbs of Chicago, that is run by volunteers, whose main goal is to offer the Muslims of Chicago all their religious, and cultural needs. 

The Islamic Foundation North offers many services to the Muslim community of Chicago, which include: 

A- Helping the family of a deceased person arrange for the funeral.

B- Helping individuals in the reservation and usage of halls.

C- The process of collection and distribution of Zakat.

D- They offer legal consultations when needed and required.

The Islamic Foundation North provides many educational services through its different educational organizations; such as the IFN Sunday School, which helps kids elevate their Quran reading and memorization skills, and Al-Ihsan Academy, which targets three to five years old kids.

To join IFN, contact them through this link.

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3- The Islamic Community Center of Illinois (ICCI) in Chicago:

The Islamic Community Center of Illinois is a non-profit institution, aiming at serving the Muslim community of Illinois, Chicago. To achieve this goal, and to answer the needs of the members of the Illinois community, the Muslims running this organization decided to establish a Masjid, a school, a lecture hall, and a youth center.

ICCI provides different essential services to the Muslim community of Illinois; such as: Islamic marriage contracts, Islamic divorce contracts, funeral management services, collection and distribution of Zakat, hall rental, and counseling and therapy services.

The institution’s belief in the immense importance of education drove them to build different educational institutions to serve the Muslim youth of Illinois: ICCI Academy, Dar Alhikmah, Sunday School, and Summer School.

To contact ICCI, visit this link.

4- The Downtown Islamic Center (DIC) in Chicago:

The Downtown Islamic Center is one of the most important Muslim community centers in Chicago, with a huge number of staff, managers of different departments, and Islamic scholars and Khateebs that have got your back as a Muslim person.

They have many Islamic programs which include: Halaqah Sisters, Arabic Sisters, Tajweed Sisters, and Hifz Sisters which target women only. They also have some programs for men; such as Arabic Brothers, and Hifz and Tajweed Brothers. Some of their programs are also dedicated to children; for example Hifz+Arabic Kids, Sunday School, and Kids Night.

To learn more about DIC, visit it here.

5- The Islamic Cultural Center of Greater Chicago (ICC-GC) in Chicago:

The Islamic Cultural Center of Greater Chicago is a non-profit institution that offers the Muslim community of Chicago many services and opportunities.

The Muslim members running ICC-GC are dedicated to serving their community by helping them in holding their marriages and their funerals with governmental documents and Islamic contracts. 

The counseling services offered by ICC-GC also helped the community greatly in finding a psychological balance. The educational programs ICC-GC inaugurated have reflected the importance of education in their community as well.

Find more about them here.

6- The Mecca Center in Chicago:

The Mecca Center provides the Chicago Muslim community with many services and programs, successfully attempting to help all the members of that beautiful community take a step closer to Allah.

The Mecca Center offers the Muslims of Chicago marriage services, funeral services, facility rental, Sadaqah, and special needs services.

The Mecca Center educational programs are as efficient as their services. They push the youth of the community forward through their Sunday School, Quran Blossoms, and Quran Institute programs.

To know more about their amazing activities, visit their website.

7- Mosque Foundation in Chicago

Mosque Foundation is one of the best Muslim communities in Chicago that provides the Muslim community with many valuable services, and activities.

Mosque Foundation offers the Muslims of Chicago marriage services, funeral services, Sadaqah, food pantry, family and individual counseling, and “Ask the Imam” for Fatwa.

A great part of the Mosque Foundation’s services is their educational services; as they have a Weekend School for young people and an Educational Enrichment program for all members of the Muslim community.

To join them, contact them through This Link.

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How to Search for Muslim Community Centers in Chicago?

To find information about Muslim community centers in Chicago, you may consider the following steps:

1. Online Search:

Conduct an online search using search engines like Google. You can use keywords such as “Muslim community center Chicago” or “mosque in Chicago” to find relevant information.

2. Local Directories:

Check local directories or community resources that list religious institutions. Some websites specialize in providing information about mosques and Islamic centers.

3. Islamic Organizations:

Reach out to Islamic organizations in Chicago. They may have information about various mosques and community centers. Examples include the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC).

4. Social Media:

Explore social media platforms for local Muslim community groups or pages. These platforms often share information about events, services, and community centers.

5. Word of Mouth:

Ask members of the local Muslim community or friends for recommendations. Personal recommendations can be valuable in finding community centers that align with your interests and needs.

6. Local Events:

Attend local Islamic events or gatherings. Community centers often participate in or host events, and you can get information about their services and activities.

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