Muslim Communities In The UK

Best 3 Muslim Communities In The UK

The Muslim communities in UK are no different; for they too were cut off from the rest of the country, and looked at as a minority who belong to the margins, yet through their hard work

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Dua for Memory Benefits, Types, and Steps to Effectively Perform Dua

10 Dua for Memory and Steps to Effectively Perform Them

This blog post explores the significance of memory in Islam and the impact of dua in fostering a strong memory. It discusses the benefits, types, and steps to effectively perform duas for memory enhancement, as well as offering tips and tricks for further refining memory capabilities.

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How to Teach Kids to Make Dua

How to Teach Kids to Make Dua? Top Tips

In this article, we will delve into the significance of guiding children to make dua and get deeper in the art of making Dua, or heartfelt supplications to Allah, and how it contributes to their spiritual growth.

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Understanding Arabic grammar basics

Arabic Grammar Basics Understanding

The Arabic grammar is the skeleton that enables all other parts to fall into place, and without it, the language itself wouldn’t exist, and people would find it chaotic to attempt to use the language in self-expression.

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