How to Teach Islamic Studies And Islam to Children?

How to Teach Islamic Studies to Children

To our precious children, we are the heroic knight who protects them with our shields of love in this vast world. Though to fulfill our roles, we can’t just fight off their demons, but we need to teach them how to defend themselves, and become victorious in their battles with life.

Islam Holidays And Celebrations – All 7 Holidays

Islam holidays and celebrations

Islamic Holidays and Celebrations: In Islam, happiness is the voice of an Imam or Sheikh as he is preaching and giving speech in a clear cheerful voice, with the low murmurs of people greeting each other in warm tones.

The 6 Pillars Of Iman / Faith Explained!

Pillars of Faith for kids

The Six Pillars of Faith / Iman: Faith isn’t a book to read, a class to attend, or a lecture to listen to, but it’s a flower of trust and belief that blooms gradually in the heart into a beautiful flower beaming with eternal life.

Best 3 Muslim Communities In The UK

Muslim Communities In The UK

The Muslim communities in UK are no different; for they too were cut off from the rest of the country, and looked at as a minority who belong to the margins, yet through their hard work

Arabic Grammar Basics Understanding

Understanding Arabic grammar basics

The Arabic grammar is the skeleton that enables all other parts to fall into place, and without it, the language itself wouldn’t exist, and people would find it chaotic to attempt to use the language in self-expression.

13 Most Important Tajweed Rules For Kids

tajweed rules For School Kids

Tajweed Rulings For School Kids: All Muslim parents pray to see their kids crowned with the sacred crown of the Quran and to touch how their kids’ hearts are so attached to their Mushafs and the holy Quran. 

Best 14 Islamic Stories for Kids

islamic stories for kids

Are Islamic Stories for Kids inspiring how Islam has multiple solutions for every single one of our worries? And as parents, what could worry us more than the upbringing of our kids?

11 Best Quran Stories for Kids: 5 Most Inspiring Stories

Quranic Stories for Kids

Quranic Stories for Kids are the dreams our kids willingly experience in their waking, the words that shape the worlds of their imagination, the gates that introduce them to massive worlds beyond their small world, and the keys towards full lives of reading.