Zakat In Islam – Full Guide

Zakat in Islam

Zakat plays a vital role in the Islamic faith. Zakah is a means of fulfilling a religious obligation, promoting social justice, and more in Islamic Society.

Noorani Qaidah: 2024 Full Guide

The Noorani Qaida

The Noorani Qaidah is one of the sciences related to the Holy Quran and its learning and teaching. It is designed for both kids and adults to learn Arabic.

Fusha Arabic – How To Learn Fusha and Integrate It into your Daily Life

How To Learn Arabic Fusha

Arabic Fusha is a sacred language for Muslims as it is the language of the Quran and is essential in performing prayer, many Islamic rituals, and worship. Many people dream of learning Arabic, but learning a new language can be challenging for anyone, especially since there are multiple varieties and dialects in the Arabic language. […]