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Learn Arabic Online - We Make Children’s Arabic Looks Like Natives

No matter if they come from an Arab ancestor or not, Sahlah's students enroll in programs that are specifically designed to help them learn Advanced Arabic so that it will be a strong first language.

Sahlah accredited online Arabic school for kids, youngsters, and teens creates cutting-edge teaching strategies to assist students in learning vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and phonetics.

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Learn To Use Arabic In Your Daily Life

Sahlah aims to impart knowledge that students can use in their daily lives and assist them in creating a successful academic path that is filled with excellent grades and accomplishments.

Our Arabic online learning program includes using: (Classroom Management Systems - Project-Based Learning Software - Organization Tools - Assessment Methods - Presentation Tools).

Starting From Fundamentals to the Advanced Levels, All Arabic Syllabi Are Fully Covered

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Alphabets and Fundamentals

Students learn to write and read the alphabet and recognize sounds (phonetics). Daily life activities, like greetings and introducing themselves, are included in this section. The student will know the numbers, and family members, tell the time and describe the weather.

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Grammatical Structures

Teachers deliver the core structures of Arabic, which include gender, pronouns, possessive, relative nouns, verbs, and diacritical marks. Students will form negative and interrogative forms. Also, describing events in the past and present tenses will be explained.

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Expressing What He Thinks and elaborate his Ideas

By learning how to express exceptions, wishes, reason, and obligations, students will be able to express their ideas in essays and speeches. Also, they will be exposed to Kana & its sisters and Ina & its sisters, so that they can include a story or a quote.

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Reading the Arabic Heritage

The numerous synonyms and antonyms the students gain will allow them to read any book written in classical Arabic in confidence. Also, students will be able to read the holy Quran. In addition, recent newspapers and media bulletins will be easily understood.


Developing Different Text Formats and Styles

Comprehending morphology (Nahw and Sarf) will allow students to construct high-quality content with different purposes like narration, poems, letters, etc, which include figures of speech and metaphors as well inspired by classical Arabic textbooks.


Fluent Speaking

Students can practice their language for conversation and different needs either in career or extracurricular activities. They will interact correctly with the written or listened-to passages. Based on their communication skills, they can apply Arabic in every situation accurately.

Sahlah Online Arabic K-12 Classes Guide Your Children to Take up Modern Standard Arabic

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Hands-on Learning

Our teachers use strategies to hasten student learning. They impart knowledge that students can immediately put to use. They allowed them to independently write Arabic alphabets, speak Arabic sentences, and read Arabic paragraphs. At advanced levels, students write imaginative tales, poems, or essays.

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Providing the Motivation to Learn

Our teachers provide the best learning environments, which encourage children to enjoy what they are learning and want to learn more. Every lesson we teach has its purposes and goals explained to the students. Every time a student deserves it, we always give them rewards and praise.

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Practicing Exercises

Unlike some learning curricula, Arabic is not just a notebook subject. The Arabic exercises are incorporated into daily life. We also create exercises the children can use to test their language comprehension. Sahlah uses active learning to its fullest extent. We engage students with course material.

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Advanced Interactive Learning Tools

Our goal is to increase student learning retention while strengthening critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Students become more focused on the subjects being studied. Sahlah uses brainstorming sessions and cooperative learning in groups. Additionally, 1-on-1 discussions are always welcome.


Professional Teachers

Teachers use effective communication with their students in every class. The teachers at Sahlah are excellent listeners who demonstrate empathy with each word the students say. They are also patient teachers who understand that students must go through failures as a necessary part of the learning process.


Flexible Schedules

Flexibility is always a special way to keep the educational system from becoming overly stressed. Students have the chance to know themselves thoroughly. As a result, they are better able to manage their lives. Graduates of our educational system are responsible, organized people.

Certified Curriculum from

Discover the authenticity of Quranic education with Sahlah Academy’s Certified Curriculum from al-Azhar. Crafted by scholars steeped in tradition, our curriculum ensures a deep understanding of the Quran’s teachings for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Certified Quality of Education from Cognia

Experience excellence in Quranic education with Sahlah Academy’s Certified Quality of Education from Cognia. Our accredited programs guarantee top-notch teaching and learning, providing a superior educational experience for students.

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More than 25% of the World's population are Muslims, know more about the world's second most spreading religion, and enroll in the Islamic studies program.

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Management Team

Managers at Sahlah are highly qualified and with extensive expertise in the field


No, Sahlah provides two different kinds of Arabic programs: one for native Arabic speakers and the other for non-Arabic speakers.

Arabic is a language that requires ongoing supervision and special care under the direction of knowledgeable teachers, and Sahlah has them..

It is the contemporary form of classical Arabic. According to linguists, the first newspaper was founded and Napoleon’s campaign in Egypt and Syria are where the MSA got its start.

Yes, all of our educational programs have been accredited and carry valid certifications.

We use online and homeschooling techniques, such as live interactive video conferencing, to deliver Sahlah Academy curricula. This ensures that students and teachers can communicate effectively.  

Once your son/daughter makes a successful enrollment, he/she will be able to view all the course materials and items.

An automated notification will be sent via email/phone to remind the students of the class according to their local time zone.

In Sahlah, we don’t encourage that. To help students have a full learning experience filled with interaction and engagement, they have to attend their classes. However, if a class is missed, a recorded video will be available for the student.