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We Help Middle School Students Build Strong Personalities and Learn Advanced Materials

Preadolescence is a crucial stage that Sahlah online middle school is aware of its requirements and effective methods of teaching. The child's mind becomes more able to understand more complicated facts and principles, as well as, a lot of questions start to appear.

It’s a transition stage between being a child and a teenager. In Sahlah accredited online middle school, we deliver a curriculum that qualifies students to know what they like to learn deeper. Youngsters will start to ask questions related to their future and what they need to achieve.

We help them develop decisive personalities and teach them all available choices through rich and high-quality syllabus content. We are your youngster’s entrance to a stable teenage stage that makes them know their duties and rights.

Sahlah Maximizes Muslim Teens’ Abilities Through Compulsory Courses

Our educational program follows the US educational regime while also banning anything that might compromise the Islamic identity.

Sahlah academy succeeds in establishing a warm environment that receives students’ questions at any time, developing a strong connection between the teacher and them. The syllabus we consider applying knowledge as the major learning core.



The English curriculum for the middle stage involves the intermediate and advanced English syllabus as a language including informational articles writing, narrating a story, and using English like a professional.

Our teachers keep classes diverse, where they use various teaching methods and tools to keep the students motivated and attentive. They let students take notes and write reflection pieces.



The online math programs for the middle stage include calculating areas of different geometric shapes, ratios, decimals, rational numbers, algebraic expressions, and equations.

Putting the students in questions that encourage them to apply what they learn is the way that teachers use to make mathematical principles more stable, letting them construct equations that contain one variable for instance.


General Science

The science curriculum for the middle stage encloses more information about physical characteristics, the atomic theory, the periodic table, galaxies, and cellular respiration.

Our teachers guide students to develop science projects that mainly depend on their research and exploring new principles. Also, doing lab experiments that allow students to write down their conclusions is a perfect way of learning.


Social Studies

The social studies curriculum for the middle stage teaches students landforms, physical systems, Earth’s biomes, the human impact on the environment, and the geography of each of the continents. In history, teachers discuss the development of ancient civilizations and islamic civilizations.

Teachers depend on virtual field trips in geography and delivering the original resources that could help students study history.



The middle stage computing curriculum involves defining algorithms, data representations, databases, SQL, and HTML in addition to exploring various computer systems.

Practical projects and applied tasks allow the students to learn and know how they could solve problems and achieve goals using the tools and knowledge they gained. Our teachers use interactive techniques to present the appropriate information at the appropriate time.


Arabic Language

The Arabic curriculum for the middle stage includes dealing with more technical and daily life Arabic text, like news bulletins, increasing the vocabulary base, and practicing more speaking dialogues.

Like any other Arabic curriculum Sahlah delivers, We have two Arabic curricula; one for native speakers and the other for non-Arabic speakers. Through content-based methods, which the teachers adopt, students gain all the needed knowledge.

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Islamic Studies

The Islamic studies curriculum for the middle stage encompasses more details about the Islamic laws (Shari’ah) inspired by the holy Quran and Hadith. The students also will understand more details about belief.

Teachers will revise the Islamic practices, explaining the reasons and the importance of the worship activities. They adopt methods that depend on persuasion and motivation to build strong Muslim youngsters.


Soft Skills

The soft skills curriculum for the middle stage focuses on all communication skills and their different types, whether it's through writing or speaking.

Teachers introduce students to some crucial business skills like writing an email, explaining a professional presentation, and workplace values and morals. The teachers will also guide students on how to make friendships and successful relationships.



The geography curriculum for the middle stage is a rich experience that includes religions, economic activities, population, and political systems. It helps the students to be globally aware of the places’ names and their physical features.

We always add hands-on activities to the classes to make the students fully engaged and aware of the syllabus. As well as, we let students implement project ideas to fully understand materials.



The history curriculum for the middle stage deals with the middle ages in specific and world history 1 in general before the industrial revolution. Students will be exposed to diverse cultures and peoples that expand their knowledge.

Through vivid illustrations, including photos, maps, charts, and timelines, students will have an enjoyable history journey that will return historical public figures, places, and events back to life.



Students have to choose the extra subjects they would like to learn according to their preferences and growing curiosity.

Students can enroll in one of the available courses; business keyboarding, coding fundamentals, critical thinking & learning strategies, career research & decision making, computer science discovery, as well as an advanced English reading course. These courses help students to determine their careers in the future.

Certified Curriculum from

Discover the authenticity of Quranic education with Sahlah Academy’s Certified Curriculum from al-Azhar. Crafted by scholars steeped in tradition, our curriculum ensures a deep understanding of the Quran’s teachings for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Certified Quality of Education from Cognia

Experience excellence in Quranic education with Sahlah Academy’s Certified Quality of Education from Cognia. Our accredited programs guarantee top-notch teaching and learning, providing a superior educational experience for students.

It’s the Best Online Islamic Middle Homeschool Program That Achieves Effective Learning


Seeking Simplicity

Sahlah is an accredited online middle school that always looks for efficient ways to deliver difficult knowledge and make it easier to digest. Lessons are divided into smaller chunks to give students a better opportunity to practice every section.


Adopting Diverse Teaching

Every course has its distinctive nature and conditions. Sahlah teachers’ mastery of each subject allows them to use a suitable teaching method. Teachers discuss and demonstrate the application of concepts to emphasize and summarize at the end of each class.


Providing a Time to Reflect

We encourage our students to review and express their opinions and reflection on the middle school online curriculum. This helps them know the importance of presenting thoughts freely and unlocking their creative energies.


Incubating the Student’s Growth

Teachers consider the physical and psychological changes students are facing, that might affect their moods, concentration, and understanding. Teachers always have the right method that keeps the students’ peace of mind and secures the learning pace.



Every lesson will be perfectly timed to maximize student benefit and allow for breaks, review of previous material, and practice of new material. Teachers follow a schedule in order to strike the ideal balance between time and product quality.

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Monitoring Talents

Education experts contend that between the ages of 10 and 13 is when humans begin to truly discover who they are and what they are capable of. Sahlah releases students' potential to begin their journey of self-discovery and become who they are meant to be.

Our Statistics around the World

More than 25% of the World's population are Muslims, know more about the world's second most spreading religion, and enroll in the Islamic studies program.

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It depends on the student’s potential to learn and gain knowledge, as well as, available scheduling.

Homeschooling and one-on-one virtual schooling involve student-paced learning. While group classes involve class-based learning.

Check first the requirements for online learning and homeschooling in your state. Next, set goals for your youngster. You can use testing services for homeschoolers, as it’s for families who look for a more formal way to evaluate their children’s academic progress. 

You can check your youngster’s progress using these at-home, nationally normed standardized tests.

No. Because every family is unique, it is up to you to decide how long you want to enroll your youngsters in homeschool or an online school.  It is easy to join and leave.

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