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Online Islamic High School To Build Strong Rapport With Your Teenagers

Sahlah online high school considers every trait that changes in your teenagers as they grow. Our teachers adapt to them making the learning process more focused and beneficial. We apply advanced teaching methods that deliver knowledge through shortcut paths, preventing boredom, and concentration loss from controlling the situation.

Our parenting experts give your teenagers the space they build their privacy zones in. They also know their need for free time to do other activities besides learning. Adding challenges, in the form of tasks, to the learning process sometimes gives the students the required motivation to continue learning. Sahlah prepares high school students for a smooth transfer and straightforward path to the university.

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Online Islamic High School Programs (K9-K12) Guide Students to Take the Right Decisions With Their Tertiary Education

Our educational program applies the US educational curriculum while also removing anything that might compromise the Islamic identity. A high school is where your teens get prepared for college. Intensive and detailed teaching is provided to allow the students to completely cover any curriculum, which helps them determine if they need to know more about it or not.

Sahlah Maximizes Muslim Teens’ Abilities Through Compulsory Courses:



The English curriculum for the high school involves syntax, grammar, narrative writing, and writing professional and informational essays.

Our instructors use task-based learning and communicative language teaching throughout the English courses to help students communicate more accurately and effectively in everyday settings. Sahlah consistently maximizes the potential of online learning tools so that students can interact with the content in the best possible way.



The literature curriculum for the online high school includes the American heritage written by novelists, poets, and journalists. The curriculum highlights the development points of British literature that formed American literature.

Teachers develop numerous approaches to explaining literature from a language-based approach, paraphrastic method, information-based, personal-response, moral-philosophical, and stylistic. They begin with works students are familiar with.


General Science

The general science curriculum for high school encloses studying human anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, astronomy, marine science, physics, and environmental science.

Triggering curiosity in students helps them to discover new ranges of knowledge. In addition, teachers illustrate laws through experimentation to help students fully absorb the conditions and application. Making equations easier to understand is our teachers’ role as well.


Social Studies

The social studies curriculum for high school encompasses recognizing the medieval period, the crusades, and Islamic expansion. The syllabus also deals with economics and personal financial literacy so that students become aware of it.

Our teachers use dynamic media to explain the required knowledge in an attractive and compelling way. Also, virtual reality is applied to some topics to let students live the whole experience. Teachers use all focus-keeping methods.



The mathematics curriculum for an online high school diploma involves algebra, statistics, trigonometry, calculus, and exponential and logarithmic functions.

The teachers focus on the big picture with a well-rounded math Experience, encouraging students to engage, collaborate with them, and well communicate. Technologies we use to enhance the education process. Also, our teachers try to relate every mathematical concept to daily life and other studied subjects.

With Sahlah Online Islamic High School, Excellence Is Not a Choice, It’s a Fact, Even Regarding Elective Courses

Sahlah delivers a distinctive package of elective courses that qualify any student to join college. We not only help them grow but we also guide them to ace every subject:



The computing curriculum for Sahlah online high school diploma involves mid-level knowledge about writing computer programs in Python, C++, and Java.

Computer science majors outperform non-majors in other subjects, are better at solving problems and are more likely to go to college. Teachers clarify to students that the process is the most important in computing, where copying a previous code isn’t learning. They lead students to more creative solutions.



The Arabic curriculum for Sahlah online high school programs includes literature, syntax, rhetoric, grammar, diptote nouns, and more.

With the assistance of teachers who are native Arabic speakers, students will master Arabic pronunciation. Each and every word, verb, and preposition will be used precisely to create an understandable sentence. Our curriculum uses both conventional and cutting-edge teaching techniques to meet the demands of the twenty-first century.

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Islamic Studies

The Islamic studies curriculum for Sahlah online high school programs encloses a deep understanding of Islamic beliefs, theology, faith, and self-purification.

In these advanced courses, students go beyond simple studying to activation, where they practice and perform activities using the solid knowledge foundation they acquired from our scholars. Students learn about the history of Islam and the tenets upon which the tolerant religion was built.



The geography curriculum for Sahlah online high school academy involves climatology & meteorology, landforms & geology, the geography of the Old World, and the geography of the New World.

Our teachers design their lessons so that the material is simple for the students to understand. They evaluate students, grade them, and communicate with parents just like any other Sahlah teachers do. Teachers lead class discussions and provide demonstrations of the material.


French Language

The French curriculum for Sahlah online high school academy includes vocabulary, spelling & pronunciation, sentence structure, nouns & pronouns, adjectives & adverbs, and verbs.

Our teachers encourage students to speak and listen to French in class so that they can acclimate their senses to this musical language. They set interactive classes that are concentrated on dealing with certain items, training students on the language four skills, and solidifying the basics.



The history curriculum for Sahlah online high school academy includes the industrial revolution, the French revolution, the American Revolutionary War, Napoleonic Wars, the American Civil War, World War I, and World War II.

To keep students' attention, teachers present history in an engaging manner that is similar to storytelling. Additionally, they use concept mapping to clarify intricate ideas as well as their relationships and patterns.


Soft Skills

The soft skills curriculum for Sahlah online high school academy covers the importance of soft skills in daily life & business, critical thinking, analytical intelligence, communication, interpersonal interaction, and developing constructive feedback.

The cooperation that our teachers promote among the students helps to develop a sense of commitment and empathy. Furthermore, they offer an atmosphere conducive to learning where initiative, trust, and innovation are valued.


Business Studies

The business studies curriculum for Sahlah high school online classes comprises management, leadership, marketing, human resources, and business ethics.

The nonfiction texts and resources used by Sahlah's teachers are incorporated into the curriculum. In order to deal with the growing importance of big data, they also teach data literacy using charts and multimedia. By integrating business theory with actual case studies, they keep students up to date.



The economics curriculum for Sahlah high school online classes contains macroeconomics items, like the Production Possibilities Model, opportunity cost, economic scarcity and the function of choice, in addition to microeconomics which includes topics, like the challenge of resource allocation.

Through debates, educational games, and writing assignments, teachers instruct their students. For instance, they practice running a start-up business with an interactive game.



The psychology curriculum for Sahlah high school online classes involves social psychology, emotional intelligence, human growth, research methods in psychology, and biological bases of behavior.

To encourage more active learning, our teachers incorporate interesting activities. The main ideas are interacted with by students through graphics and visualizations. The physical neural connections that lead to psychological processes and the theories that underpin them.


Media Studies

The media studies curriculum for Sahlah high school online programs includes mass media, aspects of advertising, communication models, and characteristics and functions of the perception process.

To enhance the educational process, teachers draw from a variety of sources. Students comprehend how images affect recipients and how they affect the human brain. In the classroom, the importance of media ethics is also covered, and students discover how media affects morals.


Travel And Tourism

The travel and tourism curriculum for Sahlah high school online programs comprises influences on global travel and tourism, individual needs, managing organizations, and targeting attractive destinations.

Students gain knowledge about how to organize information and research a destination. Through an analysis of the energy and carbon costs of transportation modes and the impact of tourism on travel destinations, students determine the true ecological cost of travel.



The accounting curriculum for Sahlah high school online programs involves financial accounting, money management, the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles GAAP, budget constraints, Closed-End Funds CEF, and Exchange-Traded Funds ETF.

Charts, graphs, and other visual aids are used in every class to make sure that the students are engaged. In order to evaluate the relevance of various principles, students are exposed to real-world applications.

Certified Curriculum from

Discover the authenticity of Quranic education with Sahlah Academy’s Certified Curriculum from al-Azhar. Crafted by scholars steeped in tradition, our curriculum ensures a deep understanding of the Quran’s teachings for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Certified Quality of Education from Cognia

Experience excellence in Quranic education with Sahlah Academy’s Certified Quality of Education from Cognia. Our accredited programs guarantee top-notch teaching and learning, providing a superior educational experience for students.

Sahlah Accredited Online Islamic High School Guarantees Easy Admission to the Desired College


Preparing Students for College

When choosing the university they need to enroll in, our teachers help students find the high standards of education they should seek. This allows them to make decisions based on their preferences and facts. They also receive support in navigating their paths in life.


Sense of Responsibility Cultivation

Sahlah is not only an educational organization, but it also contributes to developing the student life experience. We help students to become aware of the meaning of being an adult and become more responsible and logical. We’ve always treated them as matures.


Innovation and Creativity Opportunities

As an online homeschool program in high school, Sahlah develops new ideas to uplift the students' levels of creativity and innovation to use them in college, work, and daily life. This results in a fresh mindset that affects all activities and ideas.


Learning How to Learn

Teachers support students in acquiring new skills and adopting efficient learning strategies that they can use in college and life. Students can learn material without spending a lot of time on revision by using mind mapping and mind palace techniques.


Gaining Depth in Specialization

Homeschooled teenagers have the opportunity to specialize in their areas of interest through Sahlah's online high school diploma. Specialization aids children in accelerating their safe and healthy maturation. In the end, they tend to become happier people.


Becoming More Productive Adults

Teenagers are shielded from stress and peer pressure when they have a sense of independence and freedom from the start. This helps students become more productive compared to regular schoolers. They develop a spirit of initiative and become more involved in various communities.

Our Statistics around the World

More than 25% of the World's population are Muslims, know more about the world's second most spreading religion, and enroll in the Islamic studies program.

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Managers at Sahlah are highly qualified and with extensive expertise in the field


It depends on the student’s aptitude for learning and knowledge acquisition as well as the scheduling options.

Homeschooling and one-on-one virtual schooling involve student-paced learning. While group classes involve class-based learning.

Check first your state’s laws regarding homeschooling and online education. Next, make goals for your teen. For Muslim families looking for a more formal way to assess their teens’ academic progress, testing services are available to homeschoolers. 

You can check your teen’s progress using these at-home, nationally normed standardized tests.

In general, colleges require students to complete 5 to 7 elective credits during high school.

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