Accredited Online Islamic Elementary School

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Accredited Online Islamic Elementary School
Start a Safe Journey of Learning

The first step in any journey is the most crucial. Because of this, Sahlah's online Islamic elementary school helps Muslim kids find their way in life by using a special educational curriculum that enables them to set goals and discover their passions while protecting their young minds from harmful concepts.

Teaching younger students is like writing on a blank page that might eventually become the first chapter of a valuable book. We revamp our curriculum to make it more entertaining and engaging for children.

With the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable team of teachers and subject specialists, we provide all the elements that create happy students who love what they learn and believe in its values. 

Sahlah Offers a Special Program Curriculum for Elementary School K-5

Our educational program adheres to the US educational regime while also filtering out anything that might compromise the Islamic identity. Sahlah academy places a strong emphasis on instilling the kids with a wealth of knowledge, uplifting their spirits with noble ideals, and guarding their pure hearts with Islamic teachings.

With the Help of Our Program, Your Child Can Advance Along a Better Educational Pathway

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Planting Critical Thinking

Sahlah is one of the online schools for elementary education that respects children's minds and teaches them from a young age how to develop critical thinking and become successful decision-makers. We think that leaders are shaped early.


Motivating Islamic Learning Environment

Sahlah's online Islamic elementary school provides engaging live classes that encourage students to enjoy their first steps in learning and help them understand the procedures they should adhere to in order to successfully learn and acquire knowledge.


A Distinctive Communication Flow

As an accredited online elementary school, Sahlah is constantly looking for ways to improve communication between teachers and students. This leads to fruitful discussions that help students find their own distinctive style of self-expression.

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Considering Islam in Every Class

Sahlah is an online Muslim elementary school that offers Islam as one of its main subjects. It also aims to plant the seeds of Islamic identity in the kids, which will grow as time passes. Our lessons, resources, and teachers consider Islam.

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Islamic Homeschooling Academic Flexibility

Each child is born with a certain nature; independent, imaginative, demanding, reserved, gifted, or active. Your child grows, learns, and develops at his own pace while being under your eye with the best accredited online homeschool elementary program.

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Meeting Psychological Needs

By fostering self-esteem, self-respect, and confidence in their potential for development, Sahlah's accredited online elementary school helps its young students develop the characteristics they need to start their lives with and grow their personalities.

Certified Curriculum from

Discover the authenticity of Quranic education with Sahlah Academy’s Certified Curriculum from al-Azhar. Crafted by scholars steeped in tradition, our curriculum ensures a deep understanding of the Quran’s teachings for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Certified Quality of Education from Cognia

Experience excellence in Quranic education with Sahlah Academy’s Certified Quality of Education from Cognia. Our accredited programs guarantee top-notch teaching and learning, providing a superior educational experience for students.

Our Statistics around the World

When compared to education in public schools, our learning strategies produce reading test results that are 44% higher

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Management Team

Managers at Sahlah are highly qualified and with extensive expertise in the field


It depends on the student’s potential to learn and gain knowledge, as well as, available scheduling.

In case of homeschooling, it’s student paced, as well as in case of 1 to one virtual schooling. In case of group classes, it will be class based.

First, check your state’s homeschooling and online school requirements. Next, set goals for your child. Families who want a more official way to assess student progress use testing services for homeschoolers. 

These at-home, nationally normed standardized tests are one way to determine whether your child is progressing. How you gauge progress will ultimately depend on your family.

No. It is up to you to decide how long you want to enroll your kids for a   homeschool or an online school because every family is different. It’s simple to enter and exit.

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