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Sahlah online schooling is an interactive online education through skilled teachers and interactive programs, as well as close monitoring of student performance. We focus on teaching Muslim kids Islam...
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Sahlah Islamic academy online provides the best educational experience for high school diploma online and beyond. We are an accredited online Islamic elementary, secondary, and high school that cares about skills and knowledge alongside the Islamic culture and identity.
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World's Leading Online Learning School

Sahlah is a pioneering digital education program and curriculum provider offering a diverse range of learning products to an international market.

Since its establishment, the school has achieved numerous milestones in pursuit of excellence in digital education. As part of Technoage, Sahlah has developed an educational and learning infrastructure that encourages innovation, fosters growth, and stimulates positive thought .

Decades of research. combined with trial and error has enabled us to design our programs that meet the demands of contemporary education. We have collaborated with thought leaders from the fields of education and technology to not only help in the preparation of our curriculum but to enhance existing teaching methodologies.

Sahlah aims to make online education accessible and affordable to pupils around all corners of the world.

online school programs We Offer

Accredited Online School Programs - Sahlah Academy

Accredited Online School Programs And GED Programs

We are committed to providing the best educational solutions for online school programs to support students, through carefully selected curricula and tools.

We are keen to support interactive education in an enjoyable and attractive way.

Classroom teachers are encouraged to build confidence and improve their communication skills in a safe, supportive and stimulating environment.Check Sahlah Online GED Programs


Accredited Online Homeschooling Programs

We provide an integrated homeschool curriculum with ongoing follow-up and evaluation. Our homeschool curriculum ensures your kids will get the skills required as their pairs.

Our professors are always available to students for assistance and guidance. We always follow and monitor the learning journey to ensure the best Quality and effectiveness. Cognia has accredited us as an online school in the USA. Online Homeschooling Programs


Arabic K-12 Online Program

Sahlah online Arabic k-12 program aims to improve students’ Arabic skills needed to comfortably speak and understand the language. This program covers all the topics, vocabulary, and subjects required to enhance such skills.

Whether the student is already familiar with the language or is a complete beginner, this Arabic curriculum will empower them. Check Sahlah Arabic K-12!

Islamic-Studies-K-12-Online-Program Learn Arabic

Islamic Studies K-12 Online Program

Sahlah is an accredited online Islamic school that provides programs aimed to develop appropriate Islamic knowledge, personality and leadership qualities. We try to protect the Islamic culture and identiry for Muslim adults via the guidance of experienced and competent teachers and mentors.

We establish a deeper connection with adults' faith and become exemplary human beings from an early age. Check Sahlah Islamic Studies K-12!

Why Is Sahlah Online School Better?

Sahlah is an accredited Islamic Academy online that provide your kids the best online homeschool programs:

Unique Arab, Islamic, and
Quranic Curriculum


Sahlah provides a vibrant and unique educational Muslim homeschool curriculum to empower our students with the Arabic language and to help them develop their Islamic identity and culture.

Muslim Interactive Online
School Programs


Our curriculum contains not just text materials, but also videos and a large number of quizzes that take individual variances into consideration. It is suitable for kids and adults.

Top Qualified


To ensure that our educators have the skills necessary to effectively instruct our students, we provide them with ongoing professional development opportunities, encourage their curiosity and initiative, and place the most emphasis on their individual needs throughout the classroom experience.

Distinctive Muslim
Schooling Model


We integrated technology, educational material, evaluation, and follow-up. Besides providing 1. Fully Online School 2. Online Homeschooling programs assistance 3. Localized blended learning

No Technical Complication
in Learning


Enrolling in Sahlah is both clever and simple! You just complete the enrollment application and choose the educational program. Enjoy the schedule based online classes on a special user-friendly platform.

USA Cognia Accredited
Online School


We are an accredited American islamic school online. We sought and received accreditation from the most prestigious international body in the United States concerned with the evaluation of educational institutions.

Mission. Vision. Values

Our mission is to develop strong analytical and creative thinking among our students. Therefore, Sahlah has enriched its coursework by including modern learning techniques such as, gamification, quizzes, case studies and virtual classroom activities.

Our vision is clear – provide students with the necessary learning resources so they can pursue their dreams. With technology at the heart of our infrastructure, Sahlah aims to bring hope and light into the world through transformative education.

Sahlah is driven by the values of altruism, empathy, respect, trust, responsibility, teamwork and above all, innovation. We champion bold ideas in the field of education and are determined to reach all corners of the world with our educational offerings.


Online Secondary
School Program

Our students pursue a broad-based and well-balanced program of studies. This online secondary program enables students to make informed choices for their future education. We help them in their self-awareness and development to prepare them for the future that lies ahead.

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Online Elementary
School Program

Sahlah academic online elementary school curriculum was developed based on Common Core Standards for each grade level. The curriculum scope and sequence are content-focused and adapted to meet the needs and skills of each student at Primary level.

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K-12 Online High
School Program

An All-Inclusive Online High School Curriculum for adults. Our high school program offers exposure to practical life scenarios to our students. We improve our k-12 online homeschooling curriculum by inviting industry leaders to share their experiences and include real-life case studies to effectively communicate the topic to students.

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How Does Sahlah Online School Work?

You Go through these Steps across your learning journey

Best Online International School For Europe, MENA, Asia and The USA

We support our students through four headquarters on four continents:


Malaysia Office

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Management Team

Managers at Sahlah are highly qualified and with extensive expertise in the field


Dr. Abdelkader Amor

Founder & Principal

20+ years of experience in education, consulting, and Islamic finance. And 10+ as CEO of Almaali Group for Financial Consulting.


Joe Bradford

Member of the trustee board

20+ years of experience in education and Shariah Advisory. Former VP and Senior Shariah Consultant for AlRajhi Bank


Lugman Ahmed

Quality Manager

20+ years of experience in education and digital solutions Former education manager of Apple Middle East.


Dr. Amr Hussain

Strategy & marketing advisor

15+ years of experience in Marketing, corporate strategy & business development. The CEO of GainWells & Master Business School.


Dr Tameur Nachef

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

25+ Years in Consulting, Training and Coaching.

Pricing & Plans


Arabic Language



Islamic Studies



Arabic & Islamic

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Summer School


Online Summer

YES! Sahlah is a private school accredited as an online education solutions provider by Cognia, (formerly AdvancED). Accreditation is awarded only to educational institutions that meet the highest standards of education programs and solutions.
There are. But you have the flexibility to complete your coursework on a schedule that works best for you. The student won’t get pushed ahead or be held back by the pace of other students.
Yes! Even though SMARTAA doesn’t adhere to the traditional semester system, students have the choice to enroll in 0.5 credit of a course, any time of year, and complete either the first semester or the second semester. This is important for students who just need to make up credit for 1 semester of a course. On average, students complete 0.5 credit (1st or 2nd semester) in 3-5 months – about the same time as a semester in a conventional school. SMARTAA is accredited by Cognia, and credits earned at SMARTAA are widely accepted by schools around the world. However, it is always a good idea to cross check if your credits will transfer to your full-time school before you enroll.
Yes. Honors courses are weighted by .5 points. For instance, earning an A in English 11 carries a point weightage of 4.0, where earning an A in English Honors 11 carries a weightage of 4.50 point in your Grade Point Average.
Don’t be intimidated with the prospect of learning mathematics online; we have broken down our curriculum into easy to comprehend steps with plenty of visual aids and real-life case studies. Still, if a student requires extra hours, we can arrange for one-on-one tutoring.
If you are in a conundrum as to which program best suits your child, one of our coordinators will have an online session with the child to understand their interests and strengths. Accordingly, our counselors will draw a roadmap for the student.