The Kindergarten Stage

Building Blocks To A Child’s Development

A child’s real mental development starts when they begin their education from the kindergarten stage. This is the phase where they learn all the fundamental concepts of language, mathematics, and creative expression. We have taken great consideration while preparing the KG curriculum; the simplicity and profundity of the coursework will ensure kids immediately absorb the ideas, and enjoy their learning time.

Adhering to the philosophy of Fun. Play. Learn, our teachers utilize engaging and fun exercises to inculcate firm ideas into pupils. Most importantly, we understand children develop at an individual pace and at SMARTAA, each child is encouraged to reach his/her full potential without any time restrictions.

With children, instructors have to be patient, and that’s why our KG teachers are given extensive training on children behavior before they take over an online education class. Our curriculum maintains a balance between structured activities and free play to meet the early learning goals from the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage Framework).

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Program Features


Understanding the World

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Expressive Arts and Design

Physical Development

Communication and Language