Islamic Studies K-12

Establishing A Deeper Connection With Your Faith

Children between the ages of 5-18 can avail of our Islamic Studies program to understand their faith and become exemplary human beings from an early age. Our curriculum focuses on the main pillars of Islam and sheds light on why it is important for a Muslim to lead by example.

Learning Islam

Building the young Muslim leader

  • Revisiting the past glories of the Muslim empires.
  • Production of various educational contents to suit different requirements.
  • Encouraging creativity and innovation.
  • Providing a valuable environment that encourages professionalism and leadership.
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Learning Islam

Program Philosophy and Structure

  • Purposes of human creation (get to know God, evolution of Earth, self-recommendation (Tazkiah)), the essence and meaning of existence, and the virtues that make a good human being.
  • A human being is composed of: a mind that thinks and nurtures itself with the right belief, a heart that feels and feeds on Tazkiah science. And a body that acts, based on Fikh in Islam.
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Learning Islam

Program Scope

  • Jurisprudence (feqh)
  • The Islamic belief system (Iman)
  • Personalized Recommendation & Morals
  • Arabic Language Course
  • Life of the Prophet Mohamed (Seerah)
  • Prophetic traditions (hadeeth)
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Learning Islam

Other Skills

  • Effective Communication
  • Public Speaking
  • A wide range of thinking mechanisms
  • Curiosity & Intuition
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