An All-Inclusive High School Curriculum

Our high school program offers exposure to practical life scenarios to our pupils. SMARTAA draws from the vast experience of its faculty and curriculum development experts to touch on all spheres of life before students embark on their professional journey.

Enjoy New Era in eLearning

Our high school curriculum has helped numerous pupils to develop tunnel vision and focus on what they really want to pursue in their professional careers. We offer a variety of high school diplomas tailored according to industry benchmarks. We further improve our curriculum by inviting industry leaders to share their experiences and include real-life case studies to effectively communicate the topic.

Compulsory courses

  •    English Literature
  •    Social studies
  •    English Literature
  •    General Science: Physics, Chemistry & Biology

Elective courses

  •    Computer Science
  •    Arabic
  •    Islamic Studies
  •    Geography
  •    French Language
  •    History
  •    Soft Skills
  •    Business Studies
  •    Economics
  •    Psychology
  •    Media Studies
  •    Travel & Tourism
  •    Accounts
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