SMARTAA is expecting its students to deliver work with their own individual effort, ideas and skills. Shared work is not welcomed. Students who violate the Academic Honor Code may be subject to formal disciplinary action.

Please make sure to read each of the following statements, then check the box to indicate that you understand each and every one.

  • We encourage individual effort; therefore, all work must be in each student’s own words.
  • Students may conduct Internet research.  However, blatant copying and pasting from Internet sources is not acceptable.
  • Posting SMARTAA lesson content, questions or answers on any other website or forum will be considered cheating and a violation of the academy’s policies. Strict action shall be taken.
  • At no point should multiple students have access to the same computer files or internet browsers where work is saved. Sharing the same password even with siblings is not acceptable.
  • Sharing or providing answers to another SMARTAA student is considered cheating and carries the same consequences as copying work.
  • Whenever an assignment offers students a choice of topics, readings, materials, etc. students in the same household or school must choose different topics to fulfill the assignment
  • Usage of the same topic will be grounds to ask the second student to redo the assignment.
  • Proctored exams may be required if repeated ‘sharing’ of coursework occurs. If plagiarism and/or cheating are a recurring concern, the students may be expelled from the school.